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Do You Want To Do Something About Hair Loss

Losing your hair is no fun and it can be very embarrassing. How many times have you been called chrome dome? Of course everybody else is laughing but inside you are burning up. This has to stop.

There are many treatments and procedures that can be used to help with your hair loss. Some of the them work well and some dont do anything. The interesting thing is one treatment may not work for the first guy but it will do wonders for the second. The key is to find out what works for you.

The following are three hair loss treatments worth looking into. All three of them have shown relief for some people. The best thing for you to do is try them yourself and see what happens.

The first I am going to talk about is a natural hair supplement. The Saw Palmetto extract has been used for years in the Southern US. Originally utilized by the Native Americas to treat male urinary problems, it seems to affect hair loss the same way the FDA approved drug Finasteride does. Both lower the amount of DHT in the blood stream.

The second hair loss method is actually hair implant surgery. This procedure involves taking hair follicle units from an area of the scalp with good hair growth and placing them into the bald area. Men generally do not lose there hair at the back of the head so this works as a great donor area. Originally these were called hair plugs because of how they looked but new techniques have allowed for a very natural looking result now.

Basically, there are two methods of hair implantation. The first involves actually removing a section of scalp that still has hair growth. The hair units are then removed from this strip and the doctor places them into the scalp in a way that matches the surround hair.

The second implant method is follicular unit extraction. With this process the doctor can remove individual hair follicles directly from the skin and then transplant them to the bald area. With this method hairs from other parts of the body can also be utilized.

This last hair loss treatment involves the use of a new medical device. Known as the laser comb or laser brush, this device is marketed as using low level lasers to help hair grow. According to the manufacturer, the low energy light will stimulate the hair follicles to grow hair. The FDA has OK’d the use stating that it will cause no harm, but they have not certified its efficacy. Many users of this device are adamant that it helps to get their hair growing.

These are just three methods to learn more about. The key is to find out which of the many possibilities will work for you today. You owe it to yourself to do something about your hair loss.

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