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Do You Suffer From Sensitive Skin? Here’s What You Do.

If you’ve got sensitive skin it might be getting you down. If so I’ve got some sensitive skin care tips that I can share with you.

If you have sensitive skin there’s some simple things you can do for it that may mean you really don’t need to have sensitive skin.

All that annoying blotchiness, redness, inflammation and itchiness can often be controlled.

And that’s not to say sensitive skin conditions can be controlled simply for everyone, you may have a specific condition that you should consult a dermatologist for. But why not try some simple stuff first and see how it works for you.

So if you suffer then the first thing you need to do is to examine all those creams, blushes, foundations, moisturizers and so on that you use now, because it can often be those anti aging skincare products and cosmetics and more that are causing the problem.

You’ll know if you’ve read my site that Ive warned often about the dangerous ingredients often found in big brand name skin care products like moisturizers, face creams and other skin care treatments and anti wrinkle creams.

Things like parabens. If you haven’t read about parabens yet they are a commonly found in many cosmetics and skin care products. Parabens are a range of chemicals that are cheap to use and work as a preservative. And there is quite some doubt about the safety of parabens. For example the cosmetics database lists 2 parabens (there’s quite a few) as a hazard of at least 7 or 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. 7 or 8 is “high hazard”.

And there’s no reason why the presence of parabens would not of itself cause sensitive skin problems. It may or may not, but it’s worth asking the question.

And so if you change your products, cosmetics, skin care products or even soaps and shampoos and more then this alone may well fix your sensitive skin problems.

And the first time I came across this it was a personal experience. My 8 year old daughter had her first ballet concert coming up and she got made up for it, as you do.

Within an hour or 2 her face had broken out in a huge rash, and at that point we decided to do something about the cosmetics she used.

So examine your current skin care products carefully. If they are big brand name products from the department store it is likely that they contain ingredients that are not good for sensitive skin.

Use low allergenic laundry detergents too. There are many detergents that also contain ingredients that may cause skin reactions in people with all sorts of skin types. In particular wash sheets and pillow cases with low or non allergenic detergents. Rinse well and avoid any detergents, as well as skin care products and cosmetics, with fragrances.

And even for people with oily or healthy skin fragrances can cause problems.

And if you do have problems with skin allergies, make sure you visit an allergy specialist, a good one can also point you to other products that can be causing problems.

You need to source a range of non allergenic range of both natural cosmetics and natural anti aging skin care products.

And we’re very lucky that there are a couple of small niche skin care and cosmetics companies that make natural skin care products and natural cosmetics that are not only perfect for sensitive skin they are also excellent skin care products and cosmetics, and at very competitive products.

They’re priced competitively because they don’t spend huge amounts on TV advertising and so keep their costs right down. They rely on their products to sell themselves once people have tried them.

And you’ll find that those big brand name products are made down to a price rather than up to a standard.

So there’s a good range of sensitive skin care tips. If you try these and don’t find it works for you then consult a professional, but if you try these tips then your sensitive skin problems may well be gone.

And if you want to find the best natural skin care products and cosmetics then visit my website and find out more.

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