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Diver’s Watches – Able To Withstand Even The Harshest Abuse

Many people do not realize that there is a difference between a waterproof watch and one that is specifically made for SCUBA divers called a diver’s watch. What exactly is the difference? Well waterproof watches are simply just that: waterproof. Diver’s watches, however, can withstand large amounts of pressure that being deep in the ocean can bring.

You can tell whether a certain watches a real divers watches if they are marked with the word “DIVERS”. This is what distinguishes them from other types of watches, and is what lets you know that they are not just waterproof, but they can also withstand high amounts of pressure. If you do any sort of diving, then these types of watches are must. They can withstand over 100 m of pressure easily, and many of them allow you to go under water by 200 m to 300 m.

As expected, divers watches are much more expensive than other types of watches. They were initially developed for military usage, and within the past 10 years have finally become a norm to the public. Before put on store shelves they are heavily tested to make sure that they can withstand the amount of pressure that they advertise.

Before the watches are ready to be sold to the general public, they undergo tons of testing. They are given shock tests, pressure tests, magnetic resistance tests, and chemical resistance tests.

Not only is the watch itself given many tests, but the bands that hold the watch in place are given tests to make sure they can maintain their shape when going deep under the water. These tests mean that only the most durable of the diver’s watches are available for purchase. All others have been broken by these tests.

Choosing the right one should depend entirely on your style. These watches are all test in the same way, you can always be sure that you are getting something high quality. The difficulty is finding one that fits your personal style.

Everyone wants to be sure that they are making a good investment in a timepiece. When you purchase diver’s watches, you can be sure they will last for much longer than any cheaply made ones would.