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Discussing Reasons For Hair Loss In Men, Women And Children

Men seem to have a wide collection of responses about causes of baldness. Some may be humorous and almost all are just plain wrong. Reasons for thinning hair in women are less well known even though hair loss in women can be much more emotionally devastating.

We all know that most men who loose their hair do so from male pattern baldness. This is a natural situation that can be blamed on genetics more than any other cause. Accepting natural reasons for lack of hair does not eliminate the personal impacts of a prematurely exposed cranium. Drug companies and hair restoration practices make enormous profits each year by exploiting hair loss insecurity.

A relatively unknown condition called female pattern baldness contributes to thinning hair in up to two thirds of women. Among the many causes for hair loss, female pattern baldness is somewhat less emotional. The condition does not cause near complete baldness or the receding hairline seen in men. The hair thins significantly but somewhat evenly over the scalp; sometimes leaving the scalp partially visible through the thin hair.

Several causes for hair loss are not well known to the public. Non-genetic reasons for baldness are often treatable and reversal may be possible. One group of reasons for hair loss is considered psychological. These causes include emotional stress, anxiety and fatigue. Stress reduction training, anxiety treatments and finding time to rest and take care of yourself will stop the hair loss.

Physical reasons for thinning hair include menopause, hormonal imbalances and vitamin deficiencies. Hair loss during menopause is often temporary. According to the National Institute of Health the hair often returns in six months to two years. For vitamin deficiencies the treatment is supplements. A visit to a doctor can identify which vitamins need to be supplemented. Medical treatments are quite effective for hormonal imbalances too. Some medical tests may be needed to determine the exact treatment.

Cancer treatments are the main cause of baldness in children. The side effects of chemotherapy and radiation are well known. Children usually get preparation and support from nurses during treatment so the emotional impact is lessened. A child that has round bald spots with no external cause might be diagnosed with alopecia areata. The actual reasons for bald spots may be a skin condition or a hormonal imbalance. A visit to a doctor or dermatologist is recommended.

Legitimate explanations do not include wearing caps all the time; having a large brain that chokes out the roots; expanding scalp or too much love making. If you or acquaintances are worried about hair loss go ahead and make an appointment with a doctor. Effective treatments for many reasons for hair loss are available. Recent fashion trends have embraced the shaved head. A razor just might be the solution.

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