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Discovering The Best Nail Fungus Home Remedy

If you are looking for nail fungus home remedy, then it is important to note that there is more than just one remedy that you can use as treatment. It is also important to understand how nail fungus develop. Nail fungus often develops when the toenails are exposed to an environment with high moisture level, such as swimming pools, the gym and public bathrooms. So what is the best nail fungus remedy to use? Read on through this article to find out more about home remedies and the best treatments to use.

Nail fungus can be very difficult to treat since they develop under the nails. You should therefore know which treatments are effective and which ones just are not. Prescription drugs are costly and call for medical monitoring for liver issues and other possible side effects. Success with home remedies simply calls for patience and persistence. But there are even better solutions to nail fungus. These include natural products that already do half the job for you.

Going for a nail fungus home remedy means that you have to obtain, measure and mix the ingredients yourself. Application with nail fungus home remedies also tends to be quite messy, and this can be very inconvenient if you have to apply the home-made solution on a daily basis.

Acidic Treatment – A great natural treatment for nail fungus is employing something acidic, for instance, vinegar. Fungus proliferates in damp, warm environments, so it would be advisable to produce a hostile condition for the fungus. Try immersing infected nails in equal parts of water and apple cider vinegar or white vinegar, about two times a day. The vital thing to do is to continue treatment in a consistent manner for around 6 months even after the nail condition appears to have diminished.

Basic Home Remedy Instructions

Tea Tree Oil – Utilize tea tree oil by putting a small amount of it on the infected area. This will cleans the area and also kill the fungi causing the infection. Immerse the infected spot in a natural footbath, such as the one mentioned earlier (equal parts of warm water and white or apple cider vinegar). Footbaths often act as an antiseptic, and natural ones will be less harsh and unlikely to cause irritating side effects.

Olive and Oregano Oil – Combine olive oil and oregano oil and apply a few drops on the nail fungus. Oregano oil contains antiseptic, antibacterial and analgesic constituents. You can therefore use the solution as a soothing treatment. You may also use grapefruit seed extract in a similar way to alleviate discomfort. Always remember to dry feet thoroughly, as fungus thrives in moist environments.

Herbal Ingredients – The best nail fungus home remedies are those that contain herbal ingredients such as Jojoba, Tea Tree, and Vitamin E. These can even be found in popular and effective natural products that aim to eradicate and prevent nail fungus problems.

What To Do Next

Preventive Measures – Of course, you would not want infection to come around the second time. You need to take preventative steps to avoid re-infection, after completing a nail fungus home remedy. Simply keep your feet dry and clean. Fungal organisms prefer their environment to be damp, and so keeping your feet clean and dry can make it more difficult for them to survive. Change your socks when necessary and use cotton ones as they soak up moisture better compared to other materials. Allow more air to reach your feet by wearing sandals whenever possible. Avoid sharing footwear or nail files and take care when trimming nails.

Find out more concerning the best nail fungus treatment. Check out your nail fungus treatment guide online.

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