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Little Known Reasons about Stocking Up on Discontinued Make Up

When you first discover that your favorite shade of makeup has been discontinued, you should try to find your color directly with the manufacturer. Call the cosmetic company directly and ask their customer-service department about leftover inventory, or if they changed the colors name or better yet if they have a comparable substitute.

How many times has this happened: You search for that perfect shade of makeup, only to have it discontinued within a year or two of finding it? This very situation confronts consumers every day. Many times when confronted by the challenge of discontinued make up we try our best to save what little makeup we have left, but ultimately we give up and try to find something new.

How do you think they make room for all these new products? Do they keep spreading them out across the store until every aisle is filled to the brim with cosmetics? No, what they do is they discontinue some of the slower selling makeup products. In order to get the older, discontinued make up out of the store to make room for the newer brands, they will usually lower the price considerably for a fast sale.

This is where you can really save a lot of money. Keep an eye out every time you are shopping for a special section of discontinued or reduced makeup. Choose the brands that you like and stock up. Whether you spend a large amount of money on makeup or you don’t buy as much makeup because of their prices, buying discontinued cosmetic products can really help you save money and not feel as guilty for buying several pieces of makeup. Remember you need to constantly look for these reduced cosmetics because when they go on sale they sell very fast.

Do not unnecessarily open your make up though.   Most cosmetics have a shelf life of only one year. After this, the products, no matter how expensive, has to be discarded. Some products die out even faster. Hence, products like eyeliner should be discarded even more frequently as they expire in a shorter span of time. Generally the date on which the makeup kit was opened is the time to start the shelf life count.  Unfortunately, most cosmetic packages do not specify this.  Expired products are susceptible to bacterial growths. They can cause red bumps, acne and skin irritation.  Many more health tips, precautions and information regarding cosmetics can be found in health articles on the Internet.