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Die Hard For Denim

Jeans are unquestionably a necessity of modern fashion today. And who is better to showcase the edgy trends or show off existing trends with technique more than our beloved celebrities? We’ve noticed these celebrities’ trends this season: Skinny jeans, Black Denim jeans, stonewashed jeans , distressed jeans, and girls night out jeans.

Out of all the celebs sporting these sexy jeans this season, no one can deny the sexiness emitted by mega superstar Bruce Willis when he dons a fresh pair of jeans. In classic Bruce films such as Die Hard, Lucky Number Slevin, and the Fifth Element, Bruce worked with renowned costume designers who successfully worked him into some fantastic jeans. Rumor has it that Bruce will be wearing a new design of stonewashed jeans, along with action hero Jason Statham, in his upcoming action flick The Expendables.

So what exactly is it about Bruce and denim? Sometimes, denim just works, and works greatly, with certain people. We all wish we had that gift. It’s as if the cosmos came together, for the sake of humanity, so that we could witness the glory that is Bruce Willis strapped tightly in a pair of beautiful tight-fit jeans. Supposedly, when his ex-wife Demi Moore first met Bruce, she couldn’t take her eyes off of his stonewashed jeans . This sounds like a joke but it isn’t! It wasn’t the looks or the personality that got her to like him, it was the denim. What does that say about good fashion?

Bruce was just spotted outside with current wife, Emma Hemming shopping in Hollywood around Melrose and La Brea. He was sporting a pair of Levy’s stonewashed jeans and of course he is looking outstanding in them. Plus, you just gotta love Emma’s preference of Levy’s as well.

Even at the age of 56, Bruce continues to show off his admirable usage of denim. He even takes fashion faus pas like denim on denim and makes them look good. Trust me kids, Bruce is a trained professional, don’t try that one at home.

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