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Designer Sunglasses, Why Are They So Costly?

Sunglasses are one of the most expensive fashion accessories that we buy. We spend on average between 100- 300 on designer sunglasses the very same designs that super stars wear. I am talking about ordinary people that will pay that price for a pair of sunglasses but will not pay more than 100 on a new pair of shoes or Jeans.

So why do we spend so much on such a small fashion accessory and are they any better than a cheap pair from a motorway service station?

Im sure at some stage in your life you have had an expensive pair of sunglasses and the way they made you feel when you put them on was special, as if they transformed you into someone with a hint of stardom or influence, a feeling of being better than the average sunglass owner. This is true with most designer labels but with the majority of us we are happy to purchase high street brands in order to save our bank accounts but not with sunglasses.

Is it because sunglasses are such a noticeable accessory that we are prepared to pay that extra to be seen as somebody with class and with that bit of extra cash to be able to flash about.

The fact is sunglasses are meant to do one job and that is to keep out ultra violet light and to protect our eyes from the damaging sun. So in fact any pair of sunglasses that have approval of doing such a task should be as good as the next pair after all designer glasses are not made out of some kind of super plastic or metal and do just the same job. Designer sunglasses break just as easily as your 10 pair and they get lost and scratched just as easily.

In summary designer sunglasses are no better than any service station model, you are just paying for the brand name. We will continue to pay for more expensive sunglasses because of the way they make us feel when we put them on.

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