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Dating On A Budget

Online dating is fun! Creating a picture perfect profile, browsing through possible dates, a bit of email flirting and all that fun stuff. Hopefully though, you’re not out to play silly mind games and you actually do have the intention of taking your chats into the 3-D arena.

Actually dating is one of the best things going, if you ask me. It’s the happy place where singles go to recharge their optimism batteries after a relationship malfunction. Addressing differences in fiscal status at the inception of a dating relationship isn’t exactly the sexy mood-setter you want at this precious time. There’s time for that later.

In keeping with the light hearted spirit, and to keep things from getting too heavy too soon, here follows some ideas for dates guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Not to mention a break to your wallet.

Visit a park. Parks offer a great opportunity to take in the fresh air and the sunshine. The natural surroundings are the best mood boosters! You’ll just know what you’ll learn about your latest sweetie when you watch how he or she interacts and reacts to strangers.

Go to an animal shelter. This one comes with a warning; if you tend to get all weepy and want to take home every single kitten you see, this isn’t for you. Tears on the first date are not sexy, so don’t do it. If you can keep your emotions in check, this is a great place to volunteer for an afternoon.

Dating on the Roof. This is an inexpensive date idea that will make you look totally cool, more than a bit romantic, and a touch whimsical. Your date won’t be able to resist wondering what is next! You may have to scout around to find a building with rooftop access; if it has a roof deck and an incredible view, so much the better.

Visit a local farmers market. Food is foreplay for foodies and going to a local farmers market is the perfect place to shop for a meal to make together. You’ll learn a lot about each other; what foods you each like, what you have and haven’t tried, and whether or not your date even likes to cook. And after all that browsing and shopping, you still have the whole evening to prepare and eat dinner together. I recommend this for date number two or three when you’re already pretty sure that you want to spend more time with this person.

Check out the local newspaper for free events such as concerts, festivals and art fairs. During the summer months most cities have an abundance of these events held outdoors. When the weather grows colder, switch things up and drive around to scout for Christmas lighting and other holiday decorations. Some people really go all out, so let the world provide the mood lighting for your romantic adventure.

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