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Cosmetic Surgery: Pre-Consultation Checklist

Cosmetic surgery is the art of remoulding the appearance of particular body parts by qualified surgeons. Usually individuals like to modify their breast, ears, eyes, face, hair, nose and abdomens. For the breasts, typical cosmetic surgery includes augmenting, reducing or remoulding the breasts. Eye surgery includes adjusting drooping upper eyelids or getting rid of puffy bags beneath the eyes. Commonly, facial cosmetic surgery includes getting rid of facial wrinkles, creases and acne scars; or changing the shape of the nose. It also includes taking out fats from the tummy.

As cosmetic surgery entails a major decision-making process, it is significant to choose a doctor that you have confidence with. Choose a doctor that has accomplished at least five years of surgical training and at least 2 years in plastic surgery. Take one who is a developed and knowledgeable surgeon that operates only in licensed aesthetic clinics. Be very keen to the doctor’s working habits and whether he clings to a strict code of ethics. And lastly, always see to it that your doctor puts your safety first.

The following checklist can serve as your guide when planning for a cosmetic surgery consultation:

1. Is the doctor registered?

2. Is the doctor knowledgeable and trained specifically in the field of plastic surgery?

3. How long has the doctor been practicing plastic surgery?

4. Are you sure that the procedure you are about to get fits you?

5. What are the things you should do to get the best results for surgery you are planning to take?

6. Where and how will the doctor execute your cosmetic surgery?

7. What is the appropriate surgical technique recommended for me?

8. How long of a recuperation period can you expect, and will the doctor right away assist in case of complications during the recovery period?

9. What are the risks and complications connected with the operation?

10. What are your options if you are dissatisfied with the cosmetic surgery?

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