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Now You Too can have Cosmetic Lipsticks

It is every girl’s right to look her best at all times as it not only does wonders for her appearance but for her self confidence as well.  Women, in general, enjoy dressing up and experimenting on their overall look.  This includes their clothes, shoes, bags, cologne and their make up too.  For every woman, regardless of her age to feel and look good, she must have cosmetic lipsticks in her makeup kit.  True enough, a makeover will never be complete without a flashy shade of red or a subtle gloss to her lips.

As women, we all know how the right lipstick or lip gloss shade can do wonders to our overall luck.  It can make our lips look full, well-shaped, plump and downright kissable.  Who doesn’t want that?  Take note that not all lipsticks can give you that look.  Pick a shade that is way too dark for you and you will look older and more mature.  Pick one that is too pale and you will look sick and lifeless.  Hence, don’t think that just because a certain color looks good on your friend that it would look good on you too.  Your color, personality, lip size and outfit are factors to consider before buying cosmetic lipsticks.

Take note that whatever lip product you are planning to buy should come with moisturizer to enhance your lips without drying it out.  Lipsticks generally have more color than lip gloss so pick your shade with care.  You don’t want lips that are overly red or too pail.  With the right color, you can draw attention to your pouting, plump lips.

Lip gloss comes in 2 types.  The gel closes and the cream ones.  Gel lip glosses are often applied using ones finger so you have more control over the amount and the contour of your lips.  The downside of using it, however, is that some women do not want having sticky “goo” in their hands so they go for the cream type.  Cream lip glosses come in a tube that you can apply straight to your lips.  It tends to have more color than the gel ones for those who want more color but still maintain that natural look.

Try the lip color on your skin first before venturing the purchase as your acidity level affects how it would look on your lips.  Enhance your lips and your overall look with the correct shade of lip color.