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Choosing The Right Pool Plaster Colors

There are a variety of choices out there when it comes to pool plaster colors. Today’s home owner needs to consider not only the pools look, but the overall look of the area. The plaster that is chosen is going to look different once in the pool and covered with water. This information should be remembered when selecting the color.

Laying out a design ahead of time for the outside area can be a lifesaver. Incorporating color choices, landscape designs and any furniture can help make decisions easier. Deciding on what color the water should be in the end is a key choice. The product used to get that color will vary depending on the shade decided on. Different products are used to get colors like deep blue and natural blue; compared to sea green and light blue.

Many customers are confused when they decided on blue as a color for their pools. In order to obtain such a color the plaster that goes into the pool will be a shade of gray. When finished and the water is in the pool the combination of both and the reflection enhance everything and it shows through as blue.

Pool size, depth, shape, sun, and landscaping should all be considered when picking colors other than blue. Talking to a professional installer that has done this type of installation before is always a good idea. They will be able to provide information on what hues will do better in which locations and look better with different types of landscaping.

Industry standards demand that products meet certain requirements. Plaster has to reflect certain degrees of light that is directed into the waters surface and can not interfere with the detection of algae, sediment or human or objects that may be in distress in the pool.

When using colored product instead of white; things that are usually hidden will become visible. Pigments in the products will accentuate streaking and mottling. Unevenness in the coloring and shading will be more noticeable. These things are present in white plaster as well and are in no means defects in the product.

Once a hue is chosen, it should be plugged into the overall picture to make sure it fits the final picture. Everything else in the grand design can be reworked. The pool plaster is the main event and you want to make sure it is what you want before you make that final commitment. The research and time invested in picking it out will be worth it in the end.

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