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Choosing The Right Bag

No matter if you are a workaholic or a shopaholic, bags are the items you cannot live without. Bags are not only used to your stuff but they are much of a trend statement nowadays. Whether you are a young girl or an aged woman, bags are equally essential stuff for you to purchase. Whereas some of the women may wish to choose designer bags, others may like juicy couture replica handbags. Fendi replica handbags are another option most women like to choose. Whatever may be the variety, bags are always fashionable. However, you should know what to look for when you are purchasing bags.

Numerous types of bags may be intended for different reasons. Thus, when you are shopping for a bag, you must keep in consideration the purpose it is going to serve. For use for school or work, leather shoulder bags are ideal. This type of a bag will be able to carry much of your things and yet mange to look attractive. If it is the bag that you are going to use every day, it should have sufficient room to carry a makeup bag, some books, notepads, etc. For evening parties, you might not want to carry the same huge sized bag. For this reason, you should choose a small purse that looks stylish with your dressing. Often clutches and wrist bags are a good choice for this. As for a cross bag, you might want to carry it when you are going out with your friends at an informal lunch or a picnic.

Similar to the basic rule for choosing clothes, you should select a bag according to your physique:

For a wide upper half of the body, choose a bag that brings more volume to the lower part of your body. Bags with long straps and ending till your midsection or lower than that are excellent for this.

For a heavy lower part of your body, you must go for a bag that adds volume to the upper part of your body. You may choose a bag that does not have very long straps and ends around your upper bust.

For a completely curvy body, you can select an oversized bag. Choose the ones with vibrant colors and that are biggest in size. Big leather tote bags are an amazing choice for this.

For a slender figure, you might not choose the same oversized bag. Neither can you select very small ones, as they only make you appear even thinner. Select the bags that lie somewhere in the middle. Also, it is a sensible option to buy the bags with tassels, fringes and some boosters such as studs and straps.

For a small body frame, do not select huge sized bags with much of details and bright colors. Instead, choose the ones that are simple and elegant. A bag that has a long strap will give your figure a long and slim look. Moreover, if you are short and curvy, then choose dark colored bags as they will completely justify your figure.

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