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Choosing a Beach Bridesmaid Dress

A beautiful beach wedding offers typically involves more casual beach bridesmaid dresses than a more formal traditional wedding. Planning a wedding is enjoyable but can also be stressful. In selecting beach bridesmaid dresses, there are several things to consider too narrow down the selection while still allowing for creativity. The beach bridesmaid dress should reflect the wedding motif, the beach atmosphere, weather, part of the day and personal style.

A wedding on the beach has majestic natural beauty and feelings of romance. The casual elegance of beach bridesmaid dresses reflects the setting and style. They tend to be more casual than traditional bridesmaid dresses. The style should be casual, lightweight, and comfortable, but at the same time stylish. The motif of the wedding and the beach location will determine the look of thee bridesmaid dresses. Doing some internet research on the specific styles of the location can help spark creative ideas for beach bridesmaid dresses.

Weather is also a consideration. Tropical areas or summer weather will demand dresses that accommodate hot and humid weather. Time of day will also be a factor. A morning or evening wedding will require warmer beach bridesmaid dresses then during the middle of the day. A strapless dress or short sleeves might be a better option for a warm wedding. A beautiful wrap would be helpful for the reception as the temperature cools.

Cooler weather will mean warmer dress material and possibly long sleeves. A shawl can provide an elegant look over a spaghetti strap dress so that your bridesmaids do not shiver during the ceremony. Wind is a possibility during any beach wedding. Avoid layers that can blow in the bridesmaids faces during a windy day. Also, avoid short dresses that can blow upwards during a strong breeze. This could reveal undergarments and cause the bridesmaids to spend the ceremony holing their dresses down.

Keep the sand in mind when selecting beach bridesmaid dresses. The dresses should be short to tea length to avoid the hem dragging in the sand. One method of choosing color is to select a dress color according to the color of the sand. The color should also obviously complement your wedding dress. Footwear is also a consideration with sand. Walking on sand is a difficult challenge with high-heeled shoes. Sandals with low heels, flip-flops or no shoes at all will keep bridesmaids walking comfortably.

There are many creative options in choosing beach bridesmaid dresses. The style of your wedding and the beach setting offer an opportunity to select designs that reflect your personal style.

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