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Choose A Princess Cut Diamond For Your Next Solitaire Necklace

Diamond necklaces are absolutely stunning and if you choose the right cut of diamond, they can actually be breathtaking. The one cut that comes to mind that is ideal for a necklace is the princess cut diamond. If you want people to notice your necklace, a princess cut diamond pendant necklace is an easy choice.

If you are not sure of the style of cut that a princess cut diamond is, it is a very elegant square shaped diamond. It is this cut that enables the diamond to capture light in a rather unique way giving it a luster that few diamonds can match. This cut does not show flaws as much as other cuts do and can therefore end up being much less expensive.

Although these stones are a popular choice for engagement rings, they can make an even bigger statement as a pendant. Because of their square shape, they fit nicely into many pendant designs to make a unique look. Since they can be less expensive than round cut diamonds, you have the option of getting a larger princess cut without spending more than you would like.

Because princess cut diamonds may be shallower than other cuts, it is important to make sure you get a stone that is as clear and colorless as possible. The setting should complement the stone and not affect the overall look of the diamond. When you visit your jewelry dealer to select a new piece, make sure you compare a few pendants side by side in order to get a better understanding about the differences between the stones.

When you are out shopping, you may actually want to think about buying the complete set for a truly rich look. If hubby is the one shopping, this is the perfect way to gain brownie points with the wife and maybe even save a few bucks as well. Give her a different piece at every holiday to spread them out and keep in her favor.

Shopping around is something that you should take plenty of time to do. You will probably want to head to your local jewelry store if you have never seen a princess cut diamond before. It will then be time to search for diamond retailers on the Internet so you can try and find some bargains. This is the easiest way as you can pull up each website and compare the necklaces side by side.

This cut is a great choice for a pendant because it can stand alone or be combined with other cuts to form a beautiful design. Once you purchase your brand new pendant, you will want to wear it as much as possible. You will be the envy of all of your friends, and they will all want to know where you bought it. It is sure to become your most popular signature piece. offers you the latest information pertaining to a princess cut diamond. Browse through the article library on the site and subscribe to the free newsletter. The information on this site will help you find the best places to purchase this type of diamond at highly discounted prices.