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Childhood Memories Of Fashion Games

We are all familiar with that beautiful feeling when we remember the time when we were little boys and girls. That was a time of simple joys, without any stresses. Whenever I get a moment to myself, I imagine my childhood and how beautiful was my life. The only “job” I had to do was going to school, but after that my life was adeal, I was free to play with my friends for hours without thinking about any problems. I remember my happiness when my father bought my favorite toys, I try to get the same feeling today, however seems to be really hard to become happy from such things and not worry about the problems.

I also remember how I role-played with my Barbie doll and how they used to be alive every time I desired them to be. The feeling I got whenever I waited for Tooth Fairy is still alive in my soul. I always waited impatiently for Christmas, asking myself whether I was a good daughter throughout the year.

Now all I think about is my credits that I have to pay for before the end of the year, my terrible boss, and my relathionships. And also I’m also starting to get old. I miss my school teachers so much!

First, my father and mother decided I was too adult for dolls and started presenting manuals instead of toys. I hated books as I couldn’t read yet, however I later I learbed to enjoy them. Now I love books. However, I still dream that I might have played more with my school friends. I and my friends used to play dress up games. This was so wonderful, and I forgot how wonderful it is to go into a world of Barbie dolls. Together with other girls we used to hange out for days and played fashion games until my father called. So, the fact that my parents stopped buying me Barbie and Bratz dolls didn’t stop me from playing doll games. Actually Barbie games helped me increase our intelligence.

We usually challenged ourselves to come up with much more interesting dolls. This definitely helped some of my best friends in their future life. Mary is a designer and another is a cartoonist and they are both really professional at their work. Definitely our dress games helped my friends become professional artists.

Today everything is so simple. Children can just sit in front of a laptop, and with no effort, girls can play online virtual character games. I and my friends used to meet in order to play fashion games and I think that improved my social skills a lot. Every week we sit and talk: I with my school friends, and we always remember about those wonderful times.

Evgheni Klinton, developer of numerous fashion games and cooking games