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Causes of White Heads – Do You Have Whiteheads?

Every time we see ourselves in the mirror, we might probably be thinking of what are the things that grow in our face. Sometimes, we just shrug it off but the truth is, they are whiteheads and having them is not healthy. They are commonly found on our nose, the side of our nose, chin, side of the lips, and even cheeks.

The appearance of whiteheads causes panic to some people. And they have the reason to believe it is not healthy because whiteheads can become dirty to look especially if it grows in number. Some would even go far as much as seeing their dermatologist in the first sign of a whitehead.

One might say that having whiteheads is not the same as having acnes. Wrong. Whiteheads are also acnes but has a different appearance. Disregarding what whiteheads can do to your face is the same as disregarding a big, fat, and ugly acne.

Puberty has a lot to do with the way whiteheads pops out of nowhere. Same as with the acnes that we know, hormonal changes during this stage has a something to do with it. In the natural process of our body, oils are being emitted so as to discharge toxins and oils that are harmful to our body. And as we experience the transition in our body from being a kid to a teenage girl and boy, oils being secreted by our body changes as well-emitting more than the usual oil pattern.

As the productions of oils begin to grow, the excess oil will block our pores. Eventually, the oils that are jammed in our pores will stop the usual emission of toxins and oils causing the inevitable whiteheads.

Getting rid of whiteheads is very easy, but most of the time, we are blinded by certain products such as cosmetics and facial cleansers that will worsen the condition. It might be that the products that we put on could be the reason behind the growing of whiteheads.

Hiding whiteheads in tons and tons of cosmetic is the usual trend. Just be sure to choose products that are not oil based. By choosing the right things to apply, you are doing your face a great favor. But if you are not sure what to do or buy, consulting a dermatologist will be a great idea.

Doing simple things such as cleaning your face at least twice a day will do a long way. Taking care of your face need not to be expensive you see. Just make it simple and clean.

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