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Searching For Assistance in Writing a Wedding Speech

Knowing what to take in and how to speak out your thoughts toward the bride and groom in a marriage ceremony speech can be complicated. If you will be addressing a speech you unmistakably have made an influence on their life in some way or another. What you need to recognize is there are online sites and internet instructions you can look to for wedding speech help. Continue reading

Keeping Your Wedding Day In Memory

Whether you married ten years ago or you have just said your vows last weekend, it is crucial that you keep the day fresh in your memory. A genius idea of doing that is to have a surprise of some sought for the special one. You do not have to do something complicated to make an impression. Continue reading

Creating Your Own Wedding Planning Checklist

Is your wedding day rapidly approaching? Have you taken care of all the details that go into making this glorious day the best it can possibly be? Getting married is exciting, but planning for your wedding takes a lot of work. To help you with this process, here we have created a brief wedding checklist which you can refer to make sure all the details of your wedding have been ironed out beforehand. Continue reading

Surrey Wedding Couples Hunted For TV Four Weddings To Win Dream Honeymoon

A TV company has engaged the help of a Surrey wedding car hire expert to find them a bride and groom with striking wedding transport. Cars 4 Weddings, a wedding car company in the picturesque county of Surrey, were excited to be contacted by ITV last month. Programme producers approached Cars 4 Weddings to help them get their new Four Weddings series off the ground. The ITV team viewed the Cars 4 Weddings website, with a unique selection of 15 beautiful bridal cars, and chose to enlist their expert knowledge of the Surrey wedding industry to find them suitable couples for the TV programme. Continue reading

Live Music Or Hire A Function Band?

Whether you have a major event coming up, or maybe a debut party, wedding party, business anniversary or whatever planned event it may be, take into consideration that inviting a function band may be a good idea for your upcoming party. It can even make what may be a dull party into something more extravagant without ruining the theme of the event itself. Continue reading

How To Find Wedding Band Music

Since the late’20s, many blushing brides have been incorporating wedding band music into their special day. This music is the entertainment that symbolizes the start of the wedding reception and then plays on after the groom sweeps his bride away on their honeymoon trip. Continue reading

Private Party Band: A Great Choice

Imagine a scenario. You are at a party, and only a few people are dancing. The music is generic pop music that is being played just about everywhere right now. The people who are dancing are doing so rather awkwardly, as the music wasn’t really meant for dancing to. Other people are just sitting around and doing nothing or chatting dully. No one is that excited about the music, as it is what they have been hearing everywhere else. It is generic – it is not a private party band. Continue reading

Titanium Wedding Rings Are Naturally Very Sturdy And Durable

Black titanium wedding bands for men are becoming a great new trend in modern weddings. This type of metal is particularly well suited to masculine rings and is a good alternative to more traditional metals. These days, titanium is trumping even platinum as a hot new material for male jewelry. Continue reading

Wedding Entrance Songs – Setting the Tone for the Greatest Day of Your Life

With a view to create a more unique and private experience for the marriage day, some couples opt for songs that have a private meaning to them. A song that brings back some incredible memories or songs from the couple’s favorite artist are most commonly chosen for wedding songs of many people about to get married. Continue reading

Top 5 Instrumental Wedding Entrance Songs and Selections

Keep in mind that, for the harmony you decide to make use of in your wedding day, whatever songs you do use, they’ll maintain a particular place in your heart. A track that brings back some unbelievable memories or songs from the couple’s favorite artist are most commonly chosen for wedding songs of many people about to get married. Continue reading