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Now You Can Have Tiny Sized Cosmetics with Mac Mini Makeup

I am a fan of Mac Makeup because no other brand offers as many shades and exciting colors.  It does not fade even if I wear it from morning till night.  I like the fact that the color that you see when you look at the palette is exactly what will appear when you use … Continue reading

The Secret of Real Purity Mascara

Do you want to have long, lush and healthy lashes?  We all do.  Why do you think makeup companies earn so much from mascara sales alone?  But how many times has your mascara failed you?  I mean, sure, it gives you long and thick looking lashes upon application but it makes your lashes brittle after … Continue reading

Little Known Ways to Becoming a Makeup Artist for Mac Cosmetics

In today’s world where beauty is so important, there are certain careers that people used to ignore that are starting to emerge and be recognized.  Along with being a photographer, graphic artist and model, more and more people today long to become a makeup artist.  In fact, makeup schools are popping here and there; this … Continue reading

Where did Makeup Originate?

Today, it is so common to see women wearing makeup to enhance their beauty.  You do not need to be a movie star or a supermodel to look your absolute best wherever you go.  Often times, women even match their makeup with their outfit.  Usually, she wears a more casual, sun kissed look in morning … Continue reading

What Every Bride to Be Should Know about Best Mac Makeup for Brides

The big day is fast approaching and you are in over your head with the many things that you have to do.  You have finally picked the place for your wedding, the invites are out, you’ve talked to the events coordinator, you have the musicians, you’ve chosen the food that will be served.  Your wedding … Continue reading

Now You Can Save on Your Gifts with Discontinued Mac Makeup

Is the birthday of your mom or your best girl bud approaching and you are planning on what to give them?  Maybe you are already making your Christmas list and you are thinking of the best presents to give to all the women in that list.  There is one surefire present that every woman would … Continue reading

Now You Can Look Like a Move Star with Mac Studio Makeup

Whoever said that looking absolutely gorgeous, amazingly alluring and stunningly attractive is just for movie stars is completely mistaken.  Whatever your skin tone, your facial features, the color of your hair, the shape of your eyes; whatever your physical attributes may be there is most certainly a movie star’s face there somewhere that simply has … Continue reading

Now You can have Dark, Smokey Eyes in 5 Minutes

When it comes to dressy night outs, us girls want to give everyone a surprise and give ourselves a little up do.  I mean, sure we look great in our usual natural get up but it won’t hurt to look a bit more made up every now and then, especially on special occasions.  What better … Continue reading

Now Every Woman can Look Good in a Snap with Cosmetic Plus

Cosmetic Plus to make your life easier Every woman has an Aphrodite in her – the desire to look good and fresh all day long.  Let’s face it.  Looking good is not as superficial as some people make it appear to be because when a woman looks good, she feels even better.  It affects not … Continue reading

What Every Woman Ought to Know about Makeup Tips, Smokey Eyes

Every now and then, a girl wants to play dress up and let her beauty shine.  Aside from the natural goddess in her, a good night’s rest and the proper attire, there is one thing that can help a girl transform from being plane Jane to a sassy and sophisticated lady.  It is not a … Continue reading