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Springtime Shoe Styles are Here

The ground will begin to thaw soon, grass will start turning green and birds will return to sing us their morning songs. Be prepared to catch spring fever. Be prepared to dress in a flirty skirt and summer shoes. Continue reading

3 tips for men’s style

Style and design are matters that a lot of guys tend to ignore, but is one of the most essential abilities that a guy can build. Possessing a great sense of style can result in improved first impressions, other folks addressing you very well, and favorable responses from women. Continue reading

The Many Styles of Men’s Denim Jackets as Well as Other Denim Pieces

Denim for men and women is apparently making a comeback this year with a lot of merchants and their competitors releasing their version of the mens denim jacket and womens denim jacket, not to mention the endless varieties of mens denim shirt too. These styles suit many of the jeans styles that are currently on the market. Continue reading

Spice up your Valentines Day with customized body art

Try something new and design your own custom temporary body art for this years Valentines Day. Continue reading

What Every Shopper Ought to Know about Joules Clothing

Are you tired of lugging around a heavy hand bag because among the many things that it contains, you also have 2 glasses in there – your shades for when you walk under the sun and your prescription glasses for reading and working.  Besides the added weight, isn’t it such a hassle to be using … Continue reading

Joules Clothing: Favorite fashion trends and secrets you should know

Joules Clothing: Favorite fashion trends and secrets you should know

Now You can Play Dress Up Games and Makeup Too Online!

Do you remember playing with paper dolls when you were younger?  You would cut them up and choose the clothes that you want your doll to wear and become awfully frustrated with the limited choices but made do with what was available anyway?  Or maybe you played with Barbies, which once upon a time was … Continue reading

Do Makeup and Fashion Games like a Professional Makeup Artist

Girls in general like to play dress up.  I bet you played with paper dolls while you were younger; dressing them up in a certain way and mixing and matching their outfit.  Perhaps you had several paper dolls and about a dozen clothes per doll.  When you got older, maybe your parents got you a … Continue reading

Lovely Prom Dresses Of 2011

Prom dresses of 2011 are tightly creeping to this year’s prom period. The latest fashions have developed through the course of period; the thing that was obsolete then has now end up being the latest trend this season. For instance, skinny jeans, tights and acid wash outfits were all goods of the eighty’s but it is back into trend. The best way to determine the new trend of prom dresses 2011 would be to do research on the internet, buy a magazine or watch Hollywood entertainment shows to see what all the superstars are putting on. Don’t forget, popular actresses may look magnificent on screen however it does not necessarily mean the same dress will appear good on you. Just a warning an individual has different body type. Continue reading

A Designer wedding gown -Give You A Even More Special Wedding Day

For every woman, the wedding day is her most significant day in the whole life. Have you ever see the movies that a bride floats down the aisle in a wedding dress that is so sculptured to her body and makes you doubt it could only be make in heaven. There is no single detail is out of place and you feel that she is just a goddess from heaven. To be look like a perfect goddess bride, it’s wise to choose a designer wedding dress. Continue reading