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Can a Man Ever Tell a Woman She Has Too Many Shoes?

Can a lady ever have to many pairs of shoes, that is the whopping question and also depends on who you ask will determine the answer. Women have a craving, a passion for shoes. When they see a stunning pair of shoes that they like, that is the pair of shoes they become strong-minded to purchase, everything else becomes unimportant, not considering if they have anything in their wardrobe that will match or suite the shoes, regardless on the price, the quality or the comfort.

Buying name brand products shoes just for the quality is very psychological in the sense that many different brands of shoes can come out of one factory, meaning that all the shoes in that factory are made to the same specifications and the same quality, usually good quality. The label is printed or sown on to that specific pair of shoes and immediately that pair of shoes will then have a value to it depending on the brand.

Price plays a very significant role when purchasing shoes and the marketer take full benefit of these shoes craving from women. Everyone knows the saying that women cannot go without shoes and women really start to try live up to that reputation, women in fact become so addicted to purchasing shoes and has grow to be a huge noticeable topic that for some reason the more expensive the pairs of shoes the more they want to speak about it. The shop owner smiles all the way to the bank.

When women buy shoes comfort if not always the first thing they think about, as a matter of fact it is the last thing they think about. When they see a pair of shoes they like they buy it, regardless on the consequences such as bunions, bad toes, blisters…

Make sure next time when purchasing shoes that the comfort of a specific pair of shoes is not overlooked and bad looking feet will be the price paid. If you like to wear open shoes, you definitely do not want ugly looking toes.

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