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Brief History Of Women’s Clothing

Women are considered to be more fashionable than men. In most cases, this assumption is true as women are always concerned about their looks and clothes. Men, on the other hand, do not worry about their looks or wardrobe to a great degree. Given this universal trend and passion of women for their clothing and wardrobe, there always have been some designs and costumes that catch these ladies’ attention and make them compete against each other.

Women are popular for taking too much care and spending a lot of time on their appearances, since the Egyptian and Roman times. Cleopatra, who was known to be the most beautiful woman in the world, is a very good example of this. She is the one who started her own style of clothing and initiated various new styles and fashion items such as the tiara, the gowns and many others. She was so much deeply involved in beautifying herself and her style, which she mostly came out with very new styles.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, women in the rising Persian dynasty adopted the fashion sense and started wearing Roman cloths, with some alterations. They also introduced long frocks to comply with the desert heat of that region. This trend, when combined with the traditional Arab robes, gave way to a colorful yet elegant style of dressing where women kept their faces covered, but made these veils into great display of traditional handicraft, among other things.

Whenever the Muslim dynasty took over or conquered a territory, they would associate it with a style of clothing, bearing in mind the fundamentals of Islam. With a great style and clothing sense, the Mughal dynasty fused together several Muslim cultures, such as the Persian, Arab, Turkish and Indian to form a royal trend of fashion. Their clothes would be usually rich in colour, decorated and embroidered with amazingly beautiful sequences and jewels. In order to depict royalty and flaunt it, women would have the embroidery done in gold and silver.

Another important change took place in the style of the western culture where the old style of frocks was becoming very unpopular as smaller clothes were getting introduced more. This happened especially in the era of enlightenment, which helped women leave the old maxi style dressing and come up with new styles.

It was during this era that women clothing were getting inspired from men’s clothing styles, such as the introduction of skirts, dress shirts, pants rapidly began in the western culture. This was considered to be a casual style and became quite popular. Nighties were taken over by men’s sleeping suit, since they were more comfortable than the former one.

The situation has become much clearer now as women are reverting to old style of clothing, but with some moderation. Frocks and tank tops are again becoming in vogue and many women are turning towards skirts instead of pants. However, Denim remains the most favorite item of women’s clothing, especially the younger ones.

Many fusions are also taking place in the clothing styles, for example the Indian style of short shirts, which are commonly known as Kurtis, are very common amongst the UK style of fashion. These shirts are usually really stylish, comfortable and embellished with delicate Indian embroidery.

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