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Botox – Does It Really Work?

Sylvester Stallone, Cher, Elizabeth Taylor, Ryan Seacrest, Elizabeth Hurley and Cliff Richards. These are just some of the Hollywood celebrities who have been rumored to avail of the benefits of Botox. Well, they most certainly can afford the price tag at a minimum of $600, not to mention that they most probably need the Botox treatment to extend their shelf life in the highly competitive jungle known as Hollywood.

However, even non-celebrities can benefit from small, controlled and strategic injections of the most powerful neurotoxin known to man. After all, who does not want younger-looking skin free from fine lines, crows’ feet, laugh line and an assortment of other facial wrinkles?

This happy result is possible because of the actions of the neurotoxic protein on the facial muscles once injected. Or more appropriately, the non-action that Botox applies on the facial muscles.

To explain further, most facial wrinkles are caused by the extensive and continuous facial movements like squinting and frowning. With age, the fine lines from said movements become deeper wrinkles. Keep in mind that as you age, your skin loses the elasticity necessary to support the tissues of the face that make for smooth and supple skin.

A Botox treatment works by blocking the contraction of the facial muscles. (This paralyzing action is the reason why the neurotoxic protein is used to treat muscle spasms in other medical disorders) Or more specifically, Botox blocks the production of the neurotransmitter known as acetylcholine, which sends the message to the muscle to either contract or respond according to the emotion being expressed. With this neurotransmitter prevented from doing its work, the facial muscles are essentially paralyzed and, hence, unable to make wrinkle-inducing movements.

So, to answer the question of whether a Botox treatment is effective, the answer is a resounding yes! Patients and physicians report an outstanding 90 percent treatment efficacy rate. It must be emphasized, however, that results will vary from one person to the next with factors like severity and location of wrinkles, exposure to sun damage and smoking and other lifestyle habits affecting the success of Botox treatment.

However, just like most cosmetic procedures, its efficacy is enhanced by following certain precautions. Again, it must be emphasized that for all its medical and cosmetic benefits, this is still the most potent neurotoxin around.

First, you must have your Botox injections performed by a licensed practitioner with sufficient number of years’ experience. You want to be in safe hands especially when you consider the side effects such as migraines, flu-like symptoms, tiredness and queasy stomach. You will be also advised on your suitability for the injections.

Second, you must strictly follow doctor’s orders to avoid negating the beneficial effects of the Botox treatment. These instructions will include not rubbing around the eyes due to the risk of causing droopy eyelids, not touching the area in any way for the first 24 hours after treatment and lying flat on your back for four hours after the injections.

When you have chosen your doctor well and you have followed his instructions to the letter, you can be assured that you will look younger than the rest of your contemporaries as fast as possible. Now, that alone is sufficient reason to choose Botox over other treatments like filler materials.

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