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Bohemian Clothing: Trade Mark Of The Hippies

This style of clothing as becomes the latest trend in fashion industry. It becomes famous as celebrities begun to wear it on red carpet on occasions. The best thing about the style is that it is affordable.

Bohemian is the term used for unusual life styles associated to anything like dress-up, or habits or the entire lifestyle. The dress-up among all has always fascinated the normal people also about the Bohemian life. Bohemian clothing styles are the trade mark of the hippies.

The bohemian style brings to mind the bellbottoms, tie-dye, and patchwork, but there’s much more to this fashion trend than that. Bohemian style impeccably mixes together the inspiration of the’60s-flower-child with modern-day. Celebrities begun to wear it on red carpet on big occasions like Vanessa Hudgens, Sienna Miller, and the Olsen twins. Even Nicole Richie makes hippie chic work with maternity wear.

The bohemian cloths are mainly made out of the cottons. These comfortable dresses are designed with the bright colors. The embroidered designs are influenced by the genuine gypsy as well as the hippie culture. One thing to note, Bohemian style doesn’t show muscles or bumps and curves.

There are no strict color palette for bohemian style, you may choose any colors and shades the rainbow. Always remember to choose fabrics that are a little muted. Even black cannot be found on the rainbow, anything goes in this style of clothing. There are no criteria.

The most essential touch to your style is your choice of Bohemian clothing. There are lots of stuffs from thrift shops or co-ops, which offer second hand pieces that really suit the hippie style but an affordable price. The trick is in how you mix and match different pieces of Bohemia clothing that would create a great combination. Experience the Bohemian outlook which will give you the pleasure of pure funkiness.

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