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Mothers Jewelry – A Representation Of A Mother

Mothers jewelry usually consists of the birthstones relating to the mother’s children. It can also contain stones that represent the mother and father as well. Birthstones signify the month in which the family member was born.

Birthstone jewelry that represents family has been around since Biblical times. A garment was worn by the temple’s High Priest festooned with stones that represented the twelve tribes of that era.

Legend has it that the first symbolic jewelry for mother’s consisted of two wedding bands joined together by the birthstones of the sons of the mother. Mother’s rings were very popular in the 1960’s and the birthstones were usually set from left to right in order of birth.

Birthstones are said to have powers specific to the stone and the person wearing them is empowered by the stone. An example would be that March’s birthstone is aquamarine. This stone is said to attract affection and friends. A mother wearing aquamarine in honor of her child should be well liked and have many friends. The legend also states that as long as the mother wears her children’s’ birthstones, they will be protected.

Today mother’s jewelry comes in many forms. It can be found in necklaces, bracelets, and broaches. Rings continue to be popular with the legend that they are a never ending circle symbolic of a mother’s love. In ancient times it was thought that the third finger of the left hand was attached to the heart, the reason a wedding band was worn on that finger. Mother’s rings are also worn on that finger symbolizing motherly love.

Some mother’s rings come in straight lines of stones around the ring while others can have one central prominent stone with several smaller ones positioned around it. Sometimes the largest stone will represent the mother with other stones representing the children the larger the oldest child and then graduating down from there. Mother’s jewelry, be it a ring or necklace is a wonderful representation of family.

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