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Birkenstock Milano Sandal – Why So Good?

For women who want style as well as comfort, and do not mind paying for it, the Birkenstock Milano Sandal may just be the perfect shoe. With built in arches, these shoes offer all the comfort anyone needs even when they are on their feet for hours at a time. They also make the perfect walking shoe.

If you are planning to invest in a pair of these shoes, there are some things that you should be aware of. As these are sized using European sizes, if that is not the size chart you are accustomed to, you should verify your exact European shoe size through a sales store or sizing charts through Amazon. When you find out what your size is, you will know which size Birkenstock Milano sandal to order.

Some cheaper styles of this shoe have soles that tend to wear out more quickly than their more costly counterparts. Think of what you will be using these shoes for. If it is just to drive or wear indoors, you will probably be fine to get the cheaper style. However, taking long walks outdoors will require the more expensive models.

You will also be faced with the choice of getting the Birkenstock Milano sandal with back straps or 3 straps over the top of your foot. If you are going to be wearing them in rugged terrain outside, you may want to opt for the back strap style. There are some wet surfaces that the sandals will slide on, so you will need to be careful when wearing them in wet weather.

Most women feel that even though these sandals can be quite pricey, that they are among the best footwear ever created and worth every penny of the cost. For women who cannot afford the high cost, there are now less expensive styles that can be enjoyed as well. The Birkenstock benefits are still present even in these cheaper styles.

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