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Best Way to Get Rid of Acne Quickly

Did you know that well over 90% of all teens suffer from acne at some point? In this article, I’m going to tell you the best way to get rid of acne once and for all. However, it’s important to understand the root cause of acne before you can begin to combat it, otherwise you may never know if what you’re doing is right. So if you want clear skin quick, then read on.

So what is the root cause of acne? Well, it almost certainly isn’t the lack of personal hygiene, that many people like to say is what causes acne. Surely that would mean that 90% of teens don’t cleanse! The actual cause, is the hormonal imbalance your body goes through in adolescence. Although this is unavoidable, you can control it, with the tips I’m about to tell you.

It’s very important to cleanse your face correctly, two times each day. This, for me, is the best way to get rid of acne by using synthetic treatment. Due to excessive bacteria on the face during your adolescent years, you need to make sure you’re unclogging the blocked pores, otherwise an outbreak of pimples can occur.

If you can, get your hands on a proper face wash, as these have been proven to cleanse the skin very effectively on your face, leaving your skin clean and tingly! An anti-bacterial soap works very well also, because this will kill all the acne causing bacteria on your face. Stay away from normal soap, that you would use for your hands though. These are not designed for your face, and can aggravate the sensitive skin.

Probably the best way to get rid of acne naturally, is applying lemon juice to your face. Lemon juice has within it a mild bleach, that will help to lighten the redness around your pimples, masking them somewhat. Lemon juice will also gently help to burn away the top layer of skin, helping to get rid of the dead skin cells, and bacteria currently on your face.

Simply drinking plenty of water is the best way to get rid of acne, without having to go overboard. A constant supply of water to the body will keep your skin hydrated, and in tip top condition. When I had acne, I used to have very dry skin because I wasn’t drinking enough water, and dry skin increases irritation and redness.

You should aim to drink around 8 glasses of water each day. When I say this, I mean regularly throughout the day. Don’t think you can just binge on water right at the end of the day! You must be getting a constant supply of fluid into your body to keep your skin, and body, in top condition.

You mustn’t let you acne go untreated. In some cases, if you let acne run it’s course, it can often get worse, and you could be left with nasty looking scarring.

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