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How Significant are Teeth to Your Appearance? Nearly $2.75B Per Year

Your teeth is everything! They are so fundamental to a individual’s overall visual appeal, a more beautiful set of teeth can develop a person’s self esteem, increase job prospects, possibly determine whether an individual is likely or prepared to smile.

A survey through the American Dental Association states that a person’s grin outranks their own eyes, head of hair and physique as the most important physical characteristic.

A survey by the AACD reports that 74 percent of men and women they queried believe an unattractive grin might hurt an individual’s chance for a productive livelihood. As a culture, how much is an attractive smile really worth to you? The AACD estimates the cosmetic dentistry industry (this means dentists who provide only cosmetic treatments, excluding dentists who also perform one or two cosmetic procedures) currently takes in $2.75 billion per year!

The business for teeth whitening products by itself is worth $300 million per year (and increasing!)

Think about it – how a number of world’s most amusing caricatures have been generally defined by bad teeth? Exactly where might Austin Powers be without his “bad English smile?”

Aesthetic dentistry could be a godsend for fixing difficulties such as packed, crooked teeth, gaps, teeth which are spotted or mottled from fluoride or antibiotic use or the comprehensive replacement of teeth damaged or lost because of mishaps or decay. For people who are affected by damaged, unsightly or even less than ideal pearly whites, cosmetic dentistry is worth any cost.

Fortunately, yes. Any teeth can be improved by

1) Great dental hygiene – typical brushing and flossing, and care to avoid actions that ruin teeth such as employing teeth to crack package wrappers, cut string, nip through tough objects or even (heaven forbid) to open a soda bottle (is it possible any thinking individual would risk their own priceless smile rather than confront the difficulty or teeny cost of a bottle opener?)

2) Frequent qualified dentistry care, including standard specialized cleanings by a qualified hygienist to remove oral plaque buildup and deal quickly with any symptoms of dental illness or decay, and

3) Simple bleaching. A good custom-fit set of whitening trays like those provided by Shine teeth whitening services Teeth Whitening, are available from a growing collection of salons and aesthetic practices for a fraction of the cost of an equivalent kit from a dentist’s office. Paired with professional strength carbamide peroxide gel, these handy home-use packages can provide immediate teeth whitening improvement that is simple to maintain as often as needed, based on an individual’s individual teeth make-up and dietary and lifestyle habits.

So there’s no reason that each individual can’t take advantage of greater self-assurance, a better physical appearance, and the enhanced work and social opportunities that may all result from taking fine care of their teeth and regular attempts to maintain a white, richer new smile.

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