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Best Skin Care for Men

Consider this. What is the first impression that you give people? Before you speak, before you shake hands and before you exchange ideas, a person has already studied your face and have come to certain conclusions. A man’s face can tell a lot about him, including how old his is, whether he shaves regularly, whether he prefers to smile or frown, and whether he takes time on skin care. For men, simple steps can lead to drastic differences. Many companies have recently begun marketing their products to men. Specializing in skin care for men, Chronos For Men, has developed educational resources and a product line specific to a man’s needs.

Cleaning Your Face

Deep cleansing tends to work better on a man’s face due to the fact that men have oilier skin and larger pores. Skin care for men begins with a good facial cleanser that is non irritating. The larger pore size and oil production does lend to a man’s face being dirtier in general even in a sterile office environment. A facial cleanser for men typically is a bit stronger. The best ones have aloe for moisturizing, are gels based so they wash away easily and have some form of light oil in them to retain moisture. They remove unnecessary oil, remove toxins and deeply clean into the pores. Some even remove dead skin cells using mild acids.

Toning Your Face

Lines and wrinkles may signify the proverbial wisdom of life experience, but most men would prefer to have a younger looking face these days. Using an astringent, toner or anti aging product after cleaning the face helps to keep the face looking toned, healthy and can improve the general appearance while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. A light moisturizer for men also helps in this process. Anti aging for men typically involves applying a thin, lotion like product after cleansing, a step that takes mere seconds, but can drastically improve the appearance of male skin. Look for a formula with ingredients such as Vitamin A and/or any of the major cosmetic acids such as Glycolic, Alpha Hydroxy, Beta Hydroxy and Hyaluronic. Marine collagen products have also become increasingly popular.

Moisturize and Protect

The most basic step a man can take to improving his skin is to use a light moisturizer. A simple moisturizer for men should never be oily or greasy, should absorb quickly and should never make the face look shiny after it has dried. Specialty moisturizers for men can be easily applied after shaving, are gentle on the skin and help to control natural oil production. Anti aging for men formulas also are improved by the use of a moisturizer to aid in moisture retention.

Staying Healthy

The best skin care for men starts on the inside of the body. The formulas we apply only help the skin but to truly care for it, a man needs to give aid from the inside out.

Exercise – Staying physically fit keeps the blood flowing to all parts of the body including the skin. Building up a healthy sweat also helps to get rid of toxins in the pores. Eat Healthy – Healthier eating with less oils and fats helps to provide the proper nutrients the skin needs to repair itself. Drink Water – Drinking plenty of water not only flushes the internal organs, but provides much needed hydration to muscles and skin cells. Moderate – Caffeine, alcohol and smoking all can dry the body out. Keep everything in moderation and you can still partake and be healthy too.

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