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Benefits of Acai Berry Juice

For over thirty years, physicians have been praising the benefits of antioxidant-rich super fruits, especially red grapes and blueberries because of the high levels of antioxidants found in them. Acai berries have over 30 times more antioxidants than blueberries or red grapes! One would have to agree that acai berries are the single-most antioxidant-rich food on earth.

Acai antioxidants are the best antioxidant you can find since the acai berry is the most potently nutritious fruit on earth. In fact, acai berries are often referred to as nature’s super food because of the amazing number of antioxidants they contain.

The acai berry is full of helpful nutrients, the concentration of the nutrients is more than other foods that contain these same nutrients. The acai berry is loaded with protein, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. There is enough fiber in one serving of acai berries to ensure the healthy maintenance of your digestive system. It is often found in detoxification programs because of the combination of fiber with the antioxidants. Of all these nutrients found in acai berries, it is the antioxidants that make them especially helpful claiming the title of being the number one super food on earth. Let’s take a look at the acai antioxidants.

Antioxidants are what our body needs to fight free radicals. Free radicals are the culprit that contributes to the growth of many cancer cells. Therefore, we are encouraged to eat as many antioxidant-rich foods as possible as antioxidants are used to help regulate good health.

As antioxidants fight diseases, they are also very good for boosting and protecting the immune system. Acai antioxidants are known to strengthen the immune system which will help you to better avoid all kinds of sicknesses from the basic common cold to diseases that are much more harmful.

Acai berries are the single-most antioxidant potent food on earth. Other antioxidant-rich foods include tomato, carrot and blueberry juices at the top of the list. Acai antioxidants are so powerful that you can increase the antioxidants in your body and boost other areas of your health.

Buy USDA and Kosher organic acai berry juice and enjoy its benefits. With all these claims how do you know your getting the best acai berry juice available? Many brands are diluted with other juices and water as blends and mixes.

100% pure organic acai berry juice products is what you should to be looking for. There is a global shortage of this berry and and it needs to be processed at the source. You should make sure you are getting 100% pure acai berry products.

You can add acai to your own favorite juices and make your own mixes and blends. It blends well with yogurt and smoothies. It makes a refreshing drink with grape or blueberry juice. You can also make a famous Acai Bowl and add bananas to it.

The berry grows on the acai palm and looks much like small purple grapes or blueberries. The local natives of Brazil and surrounding region have enjoyed and benefited from acai as part of their diet for hundreds of years. Even the local population makes it into acai bowls, alcohol beverages and recipes.

Acai is loaded with essential fatty acids also known as omega oils and fiber. The oils is what makes it very perishable and they to be processed soon after harvest. The berries are processed into puree.

What you want is 100% pure organic acai not something mixed with water. Why shopping for capsules and powders look for ones that are 100% pure and contains no fillers or binders.

If you are not sure and it is not listed 100% pure call the company. Always check the ingredient panel to make sure you are getting the best quality acai juice.

One hundred percent organic acai juice products should be on the product label and on the manufacturer’s website.

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