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Beauty Myths- BUSTED!!

Beauty “tips” are often handed down through generations. They can be unfounded and devoid of all logic. Below are some corrections to some old favourites….

Myth 1: Soap is bad for your skin

• Soap is not bad for your skin. Newer formulas are made with moisturizers and don’t contain vegetable oil and animal fat like many older soap products. Mild soap with moisturizer is fine to use on a daily basis as it won’t dry out your skin. Clinique’s facial wash range is ideal for tailoring your skin care routine.

Myth 2: Shaving your legs makes the hair grow back thicker

• All that happens when you shave your legs is that you remove the fine tip of the hair with the razor. The coarser and darker part of the hair grows through and appears thicker. It is the same hair, growing from the same follicle, and no others grow around it, We are genetically programmed to have a certain amount of hair and that’s all that grows.

Myth 3: Split ends can be repaired

• Split ends cannot be repaired. Once the hair is damaged, no amount of conditioner can put it back together again. The only way to get rid of them is by cutting them off and then being careful and attentive with hair care.

Myth 4: Drinking lots of water is good for your skin

• It is important to keep your body hydrated, especially if you exercise frequently but don’t overdo it. It will only lead to bloating and a lot of trips to the bathroom!

Myth 5: You can wash spots and acne away

• This is simply untrue. Scrubbing at your skin will only cause it to get irritated and flare up in painful dry patches. Avoid products with high alcohol content as these strip the skin of it’s natural oils, which then leads your skin to overcompensate and produce more oil, which starts the whole process all over again – spots, scrubbing, more (worse) spots.

Exercise Myths

1. Muscle will turn to Fat when you stop exercising
Muscle and fat are 2 entirely different tissues and one cannot turn into the other. Decreased physical activity reduces your muscle tissue and your metabolism.

2. You can Spot Reduce
You can’t lose weight in any particular place before another. Your weight will come off from the last place you put it on, or the area with the least fat to lose. Ie you will notice weight loss on leaner parts of your body first.