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Basic Parrot Facts About Colorful Parrots

If you think you have fallen in love with the beautiful bird parrot, there are various interesting parrot facts that you must know which can drive you even crazier about them. These colorful birds have three hundred and fifty different species.

Parrots reside in tropical and subtropical areas of South America, North America, Australia, Africa and Southeast Asia. The two main types of parrot families are the Psittacidae and the Cacatuidae. The Psittacidae include the miniature cockatiels and giant parrots, better known as Macaw and the Kakapo.

The Cacatuidae are better put as cockatoos. They differ mostly in their moveable head crest when compared to the Psittacidae. Compared to the true parrots, they have the additional gal bladder body part and are easier to teach tricks. Parrots, especially in their modern interpretation, use profanity when speaking, where as cockatoo is less vocal. The African grays, the Parakeets, the Amazons, the Conures, the Caiques and the Quakers are among other parrot families.

Parrots are formally named the “Ardea cinerea” in the Animalia kingdom. All parrots have strong legs and curved beaks. Each parrot has zygodactyl feet (four toes on each foot). Two toes point forward while the others point backward. Having these toes/feet help with walking, climbing tree trunks and keeping a steady grip.

In addition, parrots range in their sizes. Some are 3.5 inches, while others reach the staggering 40 inches. Parrots range from weighing a few hours to over three and a half pounds. South American parrots are generally green, while American parrots are blue or yellow. Most people are used to seeing parrots in a variety of colors – most are this way, more than one color.

Parrots acquire their maturity anywhere from 1 to 4 years old. The Macaws (the larger of the parrot families) and the cockatoos live for more than 75 years, while others, usually the smaller parrots, live to be about 15 years old. Parrots build their nests in tree holes, rock cavities, tunnels in the ground or termite mounts.

A parrot diet consists of fruits, seeds, birds, nectar and pollen. Some do eat insects. Just like dogs, parrots are sought out to be the best human companions. They are able to mimic what they hear and imitate noises surrounding them. The African gray parrots are among the best mimickers.

Parrots are believed to be in danger of extinction and so there are efforts being made by parrot lovers across the world to save them. Even after having explored these many aspects about parrots, there are ever so many parrot facts that are quite fascinating and may interest people.

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