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Basic And Great Acne Treatment Tips

Most teenagers have a problem with acne at one time or another. It’s not only a physical problem, but can become a psychological problem as well, especially if they are teased about the way their face looks. Don’t be discouraged, there is hope! Here are some acne treatment tips that you can try. They will definitely make a difference.

Keep your face clean, even though cleanliness is not considered a cause of acne. Cleanliness does keep your face free from oil and clogged pores. The best time to wash your face is first thing in the morning and at night, just before you climb in bed.

Depending on how oily your skin is, do a honey facial once or twice a week. Smear honey all over your face. Don’t forget to put it under your chin as well. With two fingers begin to tap all over your face. The honey becomes quite sticky and pulls away from your face. This is a wonderful way to remove blackheads and you won’t need to pop the pimples. Remove the honey with warm water when you are finished.

Proper nutrition and a good one-a-day multi-vitamin tablet will do wonders for your skin. Keeping your body healthy on the inside shows on the outside by the appearance of the skin.

Living a stress free life is very important. Nerves are known to play a major part in acne. Attempt to forget about things that you can’t control in life and don’t worry about them. Daily outdoor exercise in the sunshine is important. This will, also, help your body have sufficient Vitamin D.

Vitamin A plays an important part in the control of acne, in fact, a deficiency can actually cause it. Carrots are the best source of beta carotene or Vitamin A. Slice carrots up into carrot sticks in the morning, and use them to snack on throughout the day. Vitamin A will maintain and repair your skin tissue and help your body throw off any toxins that enter your body.

Attempt to avoid using make-up. In fact, avoid using anything that contains oil products that can clog the pores of your skin. If you do use make-up, make sure it is the water based kind. Always wash your face before you go to bed at night. Never sleep with your make-up on.

Many people who have acne feel desperate, and are willing to give anything a try. Try these acne treatment tips and watch your face improve.

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