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Base Phrase Is The Doorway To Stress Training

Base training is the foundation of stress training. If the cyclist wants to bring out all his potential out of this training, he should plan properly, monitor and act simultaneously. It concerns only the volume of workout and the time spent on cycling. In spite of being at any fitness level, every cyclist can take up this base phase program for putting strong foundations in stress training. The total time for this base training may range from 8 to 12 weeks. The cyclist is at his choice to carry out this training to a longer time to improve his season. He should go through the base phase entirely during many races at the beginning of his season. He cannot overwork with greater intensity during that limited period of base training before preparing for participating in early season races.

To start with, the cyclist should try lesser distances during the first few weeks. The distances to be covered per week will depend on each cyclist’s fitness level. He should plan the maximum distance he will be riding in the final phase. Using the distance he fixed for initial phase and that of his final phase, he can chart out the volume progression during the total phase of base training. If a cyclist wants to start at 200 kilometers/week and his goal is 500 kilometers/week, he can chart out as 200, 300, 250, 300, 375, 400, 350, 400, 450, 475, 425 and 500 kilometers per each successive week for 12 weeks. There is no continuous increase in the volume every week. Sometimes it increases and decreases to reach the peak volume after twelve weeks. A decrease in the distance means that it is a rest week. During this time, the body is allowed to relax and recover. The body grows stronger when there is recovery period and gets the stamina to ride more distances. After this set of cycling base training, he sets volume goals for each day. When the first week is over, rest days are allotted to increase fitness.

If lesser distances are designed as the goal, riding is confined to 4 days a week. Cyclists in advanced stage may set only one day for rest while riding longer distances as the volume goal.

Base phase program is supplemented by running. Running is done as a cross training program for cycling to increase his aerobic capacity due to impact of the feet on the ground.

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