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Averting an Arizona DUI the Right Way

Getting arrested for a DUI in Arizona is a very unpleasant and costly situation and one best to avoid. If you are planning on going out and having fun for the day or evening it is best to use your sound judgment on how you choose to get home.

If you can find a designated driver to take you around, that is the best choice. You can rest assured that your driver has not been drinking and will get you to and from your home in one piece. As they will not be drinking they will have good judgment and provide a safe means of transportation.

It is always nice to have a friend that is a non-drinker. Often times they will volunteer to be your designated driver as it is the most logical choice. It is a good idea to treat your friend to free cover charges or cokes while they are taking care of you. It is a nice way to say you appreciate them driving you around and keeping them safe. Plus, it costs less than taxi’s and legal fees.

If you can’t find a designated driver for the evening, you have to go with the next best option. Arrange for a taxi, limo, or hired car service for the evening. If may cost a few dollars more, but it is well worth it to get you home safe. Plus, compared to the legal bills of a DUI, it is a heck of a lot cheaper. Make sure that you keep the number of the service handy so you can call them when the night is over.

Driving your vehicle should never be an option if you are over the legal limit. However, if you feel you are below this line and still want to drive there are a few things you should do first. Make certain that you vehicle is working correctly. By that I mean all of you headlights, turn signals, and break lights should be working well. And check to see that the cars registration tags are in compliance. Any of these things could be probable cause for a officer to pull you over should they not be compliant.

Make sure you use your head before you get in your car to drive. Getting arrested for a DUI in Arizona could wreck havoc on your life as well as those you care about. Take some of these tips to be safe and don’t drive under the influence.

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