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Astral Projecting – A Beginners Guide

For those that are new to astral projecting, there can be a number of stumbling blocks that you need to overcome before you can successfully astral project. First you need to understand that you already have the ability, everyone does. So this isn’t about trying to learn something new, or doing something that isn’t natural. Look at it as something that you have to fine tune, like roller skating, cartwheels, riding a bike. You never forget how to do these activities, when you haven’t done them in a long time you just have to practice. The same holds true for astral projecting.

One major stumbling block that many people encounter is relaxation. To astral project the mind and the body have to be deeply relaxed. This can take some practice, but there are many relaxation techniques that you can employ to help your mind and body relax. There are breathing techniques and muscle relaxation techniques that you can try.

Obviously, youll have a much easier time astral projecting if you are doing this in a relaxed environment. Follow these tips to get relaxed and have the best chance of success as you prepare to astral project.

*Youll want to remove jewelry and any constricting clothing. Some find that taking off their clothes off helps, but there is no hard and fast rule about this.

*You want to have a dimly lit room in order to practice astral projection. Not pitch black, but dark enough that when you close your eyes no light gets through.

*With your head pointed north, lie down along a north-south axis. This should be easy to figure out with the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. So if our of your bedroom window you can see the sunset that means you need to be laying along the window, not with your head or feet pointing towards the window.

*While you practice astral projecting, make sure that the clothes you wear keep you warm, but are comfortable and loosely fitting.

*You should be doing this at a time when you are going to be free from distraction. Which means that you want a noise free place and time to practice your astral projecting.

*Practice your relaxation techniques. You need to be totally relaxed in order to astral project.

*Begin by giving yourself some suggestions which will help you remember what happens as you astral project. You may want to keep a pen and some paper close at hand so that you can take notes on your astral projection as soon as you finish. Be sure to tell yourself before you begin I will remember. Do this at least five times.

*Practice your breathing techniques and relax.

*While you relax yourself with your breathing techniques, start focusing on the blackness in front of you.

*Next, concentrate on a point about one foot away from your forehead. Once you manage to do this, switch your focus to a point about six feet away.

*Now you want to make a 90 degree angle that goes from your six foot away focus up so that you are drawing an imaginary line that runs parallel to you body.

By following these tips, youll be well prepared for astral projecting. In order to get the best results from astral projection, you need to be in full control mentally. Your astral body may wander off randomly otherwise, which is a waste of your efforts. You can go anywhere and do anything when you are astral projecting, so make sure to think of where youd like to go and what youd like to do.

Some people who are expert in astral projecting can speak with departed loved ones and perform feats which they could never do with their physical bodies. Even if you are skeptical about astral projection, you should realize that you have done this before. Those very vivid dreams which you remember when you wake up are astral travel! However, with some practice you can astral project whenever you like and gain the benefits of this practice.

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