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Are There Differences Between the Blends of Different Size Cigars in the Same Line?

When it comes to smoking cigars, those who are in the know make sure that they have the best cigars and the best accessories for their pastime. They want to have the sharpest cutter so they can get a clean cut, they want to have the best torch lighters so they can get a good light every time, and they want to have the best humidor to keep their cigars fresh. They also want to have a great cigar with a taste they love. They are so adept at picking out the various flavors of tobacco, that they can even tell when blends of different size cigars in the same line have differences in taste.

Size is the most important factor when it comes to the reason cigar blends in the same line differ. A smaller cigar, which is shorter and more narrow, will have a different taste than a large cigar in the same line. When you have a smaller cigar, you are going to get more taste of the wrapper for one thing. Also, you will simply not have the same ratio of tobacco to wrapper and binder as you would with a larger cigar unless the manufacturer changes the blends slightly.

What are the reasons that blends differ in taste depending on size, even though they are from a single line? The size itself is the primary reason. A smaller cigar is going to taste different from a larger cigar. When you have a larger cigar, you have more filler and less wrapper. This allows the full flavor of the cigar to come across. The smaller cigars that don’t have as much of the filler are going to have a milder taste in most cases, even though it is from the same blend.

You can see the blends in cigars by cutting them and looking at them. You can use a large cigar and a small cigar so that you can see the blend inside. You will find that dark tobaccos are often used in the middle of the cigar and lighter colored tobaccos are used closer to where the tobacco meets the wrapper. You will be able to see that the blends might look similar, but the larger cigar is going to have more of each type of tobacco, thus imparting a fuller flavor in most cases.

You will find that many factors can influence the taste of a cigar, and that is one of the reasons that so many people enjoy smoking them. You will be able to find something that you like, no matter your preference and you will discover plenty of other styles, sizes, and blends that you can try to you can expand your knowledge. It is a very rewarding pastime, and one that is relaxing as well.

Dave Sabot is the owner of an online cigar lighters store. With expert knowledge of cigar accessories, including torch lighters, Dave also authors a highly rated blog featuring articles and videos on cigar lighter repair.