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Are Beads The Next Big Thing To Watch In Jewellery Fashion

If you are getting bored with the same old jewellery styles, then have no fear, for there is a new kid on the block when it comes to the world of fashion, an item that is not only cool and stylish, but very affordable; that’s right, we’re talking about beads, the next big thing in fashion and jewellery.

Beads have always been fairly cool, often worn by gap year travellers and their ilk, fairly annoying University students who have all had very unique experiences staying on the same little island on Thailand or worn around the necks of hippie chicks who just want to hug and hold hands; however, now beads are entering the mainstream, after being working by many leading style icons in the world of fashion.

The great thing about beads is how versatile they are; a single bead hanging from a choker can give out a wonderfully desolate, teen angst feel, whereas a bunched up bracelet spilling out with beads gives off a carefree, fun-loving lifestyle, one that many will want to get involved in.

Celebs are often the pioneers in leading fashion trends and as bead jewellery has seen such a rise in popularity, it is doubtlessly at least partly down to style icons such as Kate Moss who has been spotted showing off her beads at various showbiz events.

Don’t worry if the idea of Kate Moss wearing your jewellery gives you the impression of this jewellery costing more than you can afford; these bead necklaces etc are not out of the price ranges of us mere mortals.

Well, this is where many people are mistaken; if you buy your beads from websites such as Loving The Bead, generous discounts are offered on some already very reasonable prices, allowing you to buy as many beads as your heart desires!

Concurrently, as beads are so cheap to purchase, it allows you to buy a lot more than you would usually purchase, would they be regular jewellery at regular prices; but what to do with all these beads?

One day you could arrange your beads into a special necklace that shows them all of, then the next day you could just have a single bead hanging from a choker! With beads, the possibilities are endless, so there are no excuses left for you to go out and buy one…or a few!

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