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Angular Cheilosis: What It Is And How Do You Treat It

Millions of people suffer from angular cheilosis each year. This skin condition is also often referred to as angular cheilitis, angular stomatitis or perleche. It is quite easy to identify if you might be suffering from this kind of skin condition because of the uniqueness of its signs of symptoms. It is quite likely that you might be suffering from angular cheilitis if you notice splits or cracks along the corners of your mouth. It is typical for these cracks or splits to be painful and in severe cases, they can even bleed as you open or stretch your mouth.

There can be several causes for angular cheilosis. One of the most common causes of this skin condition is pathogenic infection. The infection can come from bacteria or fungi and it can worsen due to the accumulation of saliva or moisture in the affected area. Another common cause of this skin problem is nutritional deficiency.

The nutritional deficiency is often due to having low levels of vitamins and minerals in the body, like vitamin B1, vitamin B12, and iron. Those who have lost vertical dimension due to loss of teeth are also likely to suffer from angular stomatitis. The over-closure of the mouth due to loss of teeth or poorly fitting dentures causes saliva or moisture to be trapped along the corners of the mouth, making them ideal areas for bacterial and fungal growth.

Effectively treating angular cheilosis means addressing the root cause of the problem. This is why it is important that you see a doctor so you can better determine what might have caused your skin condition. If perleche has been caused by pathogenic infection, it would help to apply a good coat of medicated cream on the affected area. The medicated cream will most likely have 1% hydrocortisone or some other anti bacterial or anti fungal substance.

If the problem is due to a nutritional deficiency, it would help if you take in supplements to boost the amounts of essential vitamins and minerals present in your system, especially iron, vitamin B1, and vitamin B12. It would also help to see your dentist if your mouth accessories, like dentures or braces, fit properly. In this manner, skin folds and over-closure of the mouth can be avoided. In any cases, applying medicated lip balms or petroleum jelly on the affected areas can help much in temporarily relieving the pain you feel.

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