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Am I Balding – Wake Up Early!

It might always seem very early in your life span for balding to strike you. But the sooner it’s recognized, the higher the chances of treating them and this means, the sooner your hair will grow back. Contrary to this, in case you ignore the signs of balding there are chances you might never get your hair line or hair thickness back. Usually, in most cases people fail to recognise and take action immediately due to which even the most repairable cases of balding gets worse and ir-repairable. If you are one of those people who ask yourself the question “Am I Balding” then this is a must read for you.

First step to repair your hair is to identify your signs of hair loss. Recognizing your specific sign will help in planning and getting the necessary treatment. Every specific sign has a cause and treatments should be based on that. Blindly going for any treatment will not serve the purpose and instead delay the curing process and only result in heavy damage by way of total hair fall.

Hair follicles turn brittle and much softer even while you haven’t washed your hair recently. You can also notice an unusual natural production of oil which doesn’t happen otherwise and more over, only a single patch is oilier than the entire scalp. The next sign is the thinning of hair and your hair might start looking limp and dull. It might need extra attention to get its original glow and bounce. You might also start noticing few strands of hair in your brush.

The next sign for balding is receding hairline. You can test this by pulling your hair up and seeing your hairline. You might notice a receding pattern that might look like the letter M or is shaped like a horseshoe. Compare your old photographs to yourself and see the hairline difference to make sure. You will start noticing more hair strands in your brush in even a couple of strokes.

Receding hairline is the next sign. For this, do a test yourself. Pull your hair backwards and notice the hairline. It could either resemble a horseshoe or the letter M. Compare it with an old photograph or notice the hairline in it. This should explain the difference. Now, at this stage you can notice hairs even in your towel used to dry your hair.

There are few presymptomatic factors to losing hair which might not be necessary sign but shouldn’t be ignored as well. In case of hereditary or genetic causes, you might notice the pattern of balding that your forebears went through. The age at which they lost their hair and the pattern of balding could very well be an indication to you. Consider them as important factors.

Besides all this, emotional stress, work related tension and bad diet can lead to this. Also, balding starts in late 20s and early 30s for most men and during this period extra hair care are a must. Am I Balding as a question should now come to you as a warning!

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