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All That You Want To Know About Remy Hair

All that you need to know about Remy Hair.

Remy Hair is high quality human hair that is predominantly used in making high quality hair extensions. As you would see, I have used the word high-quality twice to indicate the overall value of remy hair.

Quality of hair is decided on multiple variables, and some of these will have to be the hair length, texture of hair, and colour of hair. Not that these are the only factors that can decide or finalize the quality of hair, but you can consider these as the primary factors that contribute to the overall hair quality and the subsequent hair extensions.

Remy and Virgin hair are high quality hair, however, there is a subtle difference between both. And this difference lies in the fact that virgin hair is raw and untreated hair while remy hair is chemically treated hair. Virgin hair is like pure and natural hair, while remy hair will involve treating the hair to change its texture without damaging the cuticle. The keyword in case of remy hair is the presence of cuticle.

India ranks as the best producer of remy hair in the world. The hair industry seems to be well organized in India and this makes sourcing quality Remy hair an easy task. And if you dig into the reasons that make Indian hair so popular in the Remy Hair industry, you will realize that the overall colour, texture and length of Indian hair allows a lot of flexibility to hair care experts in aligning the hair as per their requirements.

India and Brazil continue to dominate the hair market. Eastern Europe has lately caught up, but these 2 still maintain a tight control over the global hair industry. Russian hair extensions are a hit, but the problem with Russian hair is that there is a definite lack of good and organized hair industry in Russia. Sourcing is always a big problem in Russia.

Do you always check the quality of hair being used in making your Hair Extensions? Consider spending 5 minutes to see what all quality parameters are essential and available in Remy Hair.