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Agua Bendita Bathing Suits – Precisely Everything You Want This Season

Taking a look at Agua Bendita swimwear reveals a line of colorful, innovative and thoroughly up-to-date (yet nicely evocative, in many cases) ladies swim fashions. The lineup itself is more of a haute couture-specific line of such swimwear, and that’s for the good, it would seem. It features many suits and swim fashions have graced models appearing in Sports Illustrated, for one.

The 2010 line of bikinis and one-piece swimwear offerings have also been strengthened and improved by the addition of many contemporary styles, though there was never much of anything wrong with previous lines of such suits. There’s a great amount of handmade detailing and a number of fascinating designs that help to give the suits an attractiveness that would make them welcome in any fashion boutique.

Agua Bendita swimwear is a company that’s known in the fashion world for the striking colors and the playful fashion sense that it brings to the game. It makes great use of avant-garde fabrics and design philosophies that all combine in an effective way to give women the best possible look at fabrics and designs sure to keep attracting most any woman who wants to look her best out in the sun and on the beach.

Generally speaking, bikinis are the primary swimwear offering from the company, though it does make sure that it gives most women a one-piece swimsuit that would look just as good on them. It prides itself on making extreme use of handcrafting and laser-cutting technologies that make suits sure to accentuate the best attributes of each woman and to keep eyes fixed on those attributes, as well.

As an example, there are several striking fabric and design combinations that present certain textures and colors that literally shimmer with style and grace. Additionally, many suits — owing to their particular design — might serve to take one back to the 1960s, when bikinis were considered daring in a way that Agua Bendita appreciates and tries to emulate with its new fashion offerings.

Generally speaking, this company’s line of suits reflects a love of craftsmanship that runs through the Colombian culture from which these suits sprang. Some are finely detailed and have an attention to such detail that’s reflected in the embroidered or crocheted looks present in more than a few suits in this line of swimwear. Young women seem to be attracted to the Agua Bendita lineup more than others, it also appears.

Costs for such swimwear range from the mid-$100 price point up past $200 in the case of several very attractive and well made suits. For the price, it’s hard to quibble over any of the bikinis or one-piece creations because they’re so well made and detailed that they instantly give off an aura of sexiness and playful attitude. Because of this, the swimwear itself has been popular with women for some time now.

These days, Agua Bendita swimwear is becoming a real player in the fashion bikini world. Colombian culture and love of colors with suits that look both modern and evocative at the same time will find that there’s very little to criticize about this collection of swimsuits for women.