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Affordable Shoe Styles From White Mountain Shoes

White Mountain shoe sis a company that is dedicated to bringing you the latest styles and fashionable shoes that are comfortable, for affordable prices. This company was founded in’79 in New Hampshire and its name comes from the nearby mountains. All of their products are high quality and are built to last and look good.

With the current style trends most of the popular shoes are sandals that have decorations and use bright colors. Some of the more popular models include the Duchess clog, Cordoba sandal, Dynamo, Goldmine, Bling, Mohawk shoe, the Goodgirl, Quiz wedge, Georgette and the Myrth. The sandals and shoes are all of excellent quality and look great while being fully functional.

White Mountain shoes create a wide range of footbeds, shoes, flat sandals, moccasins and sandal wedges. They have several different brands so that you can find stylish but affordable footwear at several different price points. The value line is the Rialto and contains everyday footwear and special occasion shoes. They also have a range dedicated strictly to comfort.

The Aileen boot is a function but choc style of boot. Boots are always a great choice for the winter as they provide protection from the weather but can get you where you need to be. A more elegant style of boot, the Citi, is perfect no matter what you are wearing.

The Magdalena clog is very intricate and has plenty of decorative stitching. This provides great contrast with the darker leather. This clog was built to be comfortable all day long. A dressier clog is the Pierce. This clog has a glamorous heel with synthetic fur lining. It is one of a kind.

Some of the retailers that offer White Mountain shoes include stage stores, Bon Ton, Piperlime, QVC, Boscoves and endless to name but a few.

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