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A Seiko Watch Review for the SKXA35

Kintaro Hattori’s original humble vision has helped to create one of the world’s best dive watches. From Hattori’s work, generations of excellent designs for automatic divers’ watches have been created. Seiko proudly presents one of the latest advancements in timekeeping with the SKXA35 dive watch, after 125 years in making and improving other dive watch models. Nineteenth-century Tokyo clock shop attention to detail combines with the most modern twentieth-century electronics and materials to create an excellent diving watch powered by the motions of your body.

The Basic Features

You can wind the SKXA35 watch just by the natural motion of your wrist. It will always look as good as it did when you bought it due to its awesome stainless steel case built to withstand the saltwater acidity. It was specifically designed as a diver’s watch. However, it makes an incredible casual watch or fashion accessory fit for any occasion. It has a date window and gives English and Spanish day and date options. It’s easy to read markers put modern day and night mode features to shame.

This Seiko model is provided with a case made of solid steel with a mixture of satin along with a polished finish. The sports fashion screw down cap is threaded for extra safety. It possesses a scratch resistant Hardlex crystal mineral glass that provides a profile that is flat and simple. It’s got a bezel which rotates one way which maintains track of how much time has gone by, adding convenience for you to time your dives, etc. The dimensions of the ratcheted case are forty-two millimeters in diameter and thirteen millimeters thick. It’s resistant to water below two hundred meters, or six hundred and sixty feet. It is made especially for diving, and these functions certainly meet the standards of ISO.


Now let’s discuss how wearable the watch really is. The SKXA35 dive watch is provided with a black vented urethane and extra long pressure strap, which makes it ideal for dives. The stainless steel case fits stylishly on the wrist and offers wearable comfort because of its caseback that is screwed down. The clasp uses a conventional tang fashion. With this, the SKXA35 is similar to a conventional watch for divers. The flat vent strap is soft to the touch, and offers more comfort than watch belts that are curved. An exciting thing regarding the Seiko SKXA35 watch is that it’s simple to customize while the bright yellow dial and the ball make it stylish even outside of water. It’s easy to switch the belt to experience a few modifications which are really radical and subtle for everyday office and casual wear. Certainly this is a multi-function watch.

To Conclude

Known as the bumblebee watch, the SKXA35 dive watch has a wonderfully colored and luminescent dial which is meant for diving purposes. Beautifully crafted in a unique way, it is ideal for both diving and wearing everyday and makes for a great fashion accessory as well. Though less popular than some of the competition, its quality should appeal for every man given the robust and rugged features. This watch would make a wonderful gift for just about any body.

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