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A Historical Background About Hair Extensions

Hair extensions were never new to mankind. Way back in the Egyptian civilization, people have made use of hair accessories close to what hair extensions are. Today, these new and improved hair accessories are more innovative and better than they were before. These hair accessories promise to be here to stay.

Women were not completely open to the idea of donning on man-made hair ornaments and they still preferred their authentic hair in the years of the 1800s. But they began to welcome the ides at the time of the Romantics when intricate Apollo plaits were used as hair designs. Hair extensions were more widely accepted at the time of the Victorian age. Then there was a big break in the Edwardian 20th century as women started teapot-looking hairs called pompadours. What they used to style their hair are detailed hair ornaments which hit the hair industry like a surging blast!

The 1920s were less privileged to see further developments with hair ornaments due to the fact that people at that time were not so obsessed with hair arts. The 1940s showed a significant level of rise as hair ornaments began to gain fame once again. In the 1960s, the coils or ?up-dos? became the central hairstyle for women which made use of overstated hair ornaments. The years of 1970s were more welcoming to man-made hairs already as well as with real hair as hair ornaments. 1980s was a time of full-size hairs but they are limited to real hair only. Singers were very extensive with the use of wigs.

In the ?90s, there was no more limit to hair adornments because they are sold in economical prices that reached out to all types of social classes. Celebrated Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is one famous personality who has initialized the trend. The love affair between her present husband roused rumors and gossips even at the time when they were still dating. The press hovered over them. It was such an open story that the press and media made them the stars of every publication and intrigue shows known to man. The slightest story was made juicier and spicier as the relationship stood longer and longer. Seeing them together was such an excitement for everyone. The immense exposure to the fans took special attention to the controversial changes of Victoria Beckham?s hair. They couldn?t possibly figure out if she was really short-haired or long-haired, brunette or blond, with those changing colors that are very striking to the human eyes. These are a big thanks to hair extensions. They could make a person look like a whole new different person with every visit to the salon. When the public found out that the hair extensions of Victoria Beckham were made of real hair, arguments and fuss news shoot up about where the hairs actually came from.

The star power of many celebrities has influenced many fans to join the hair revolution. Hair extensions are made popular and many have since expressed a great want for them. They serve as stylish hair accessories and as aids for hair loss and hair thinning problems. Women of all ages are welcome to join the trend. They are mostly reserved for special gatherings but some wear them for everyday use. You may choose from a variety of synthetic and real human hairs. What?s your choice?

Permanent hair extensions are more expensive than temporary clip-ons and they normally carry on up to 4 months only. Avoid procedures of treatments wherein they have to make use of wax, heat, or glue on your hair to attach the extensions because you would suffer hair breakage, hair fall, and thinning in the future. Choose the wafting process where your hair is woven onto the hair extensions. Also avoid the use of damaging chemical synthetics when you want the extensions to be disengaged already. Having permanent hair extensions entail the attachment of the extensions onto a few locks of your hair.

If you are just after some fun with hair extensions and you only need them for special occasions, then you could choose from a variety of selections, colors, design, and lengths. There is not much maintenance needed just as long as you find a reputable salon and stylist and pick out suitable colors and styles to make them look real and natural. Trust me because I?ve been fooled by them also for months! It was such a funny comical experience!

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