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A Few Tips On Baby Photography

People use photography as a way to remember all the past events of their life. The change from one grade to the next, graduating from high school or college, marrying that special someone, when you bought your first house, or just as a way to mark the everyday events of life. It doesn’t matter whether the events themselves are important or life changing or not.

What matters is that pictures serve as a landmark of the years gone by. The most life changing of which happens to be the introduction of a baby. Baby photography is an every growing market and the subjects of them are the most popular in the world. The thing about it is that most babies don’t care how cute they are, or why their face has to be sent out on all the Christmas cards.

Try to avoid the flash at all costs since it causes red eye. Natural light is best and it’s possible to get it by using what light is available from open windows, or by taking your subject outside. If red eyes can’t be avoided, most cameras have a red eye reduction function on them. If your camera doesn’t have one, or it doesn’t work, there’s software online that you can download for free that provide imaging tools to fix the problem.

The next issue about baby photography I want to address is blurring. Babies are hard to control and irritable when they aren’t being hyper. If they decide that they don’t want their picture taken then they won’t be holding still for it. This is the reason why a high iso speed is so important. Combined with a big aperture you can freeze moments that would have otherwise been blurred beyond recognition.

Babies are usually hard to control, especially when you want them to be still for a photo that they don’t really want to take. A solution is the use of a high iso speed camera along with a big aperture. With the two combined you can freeze moments that would have been lost before. Keep in mind that your background should be kept as simple as possible.

Clothes that have patterns or heavy colors can distort the face and eyes of a baby so instead you should try light, solid-colored clothes for the best effect. With that same idea in mind, try to limit the overall range of colors in the photograph. Camera-wise, a wide angle lens tends to distort, and unless you want the effect, you should try to avoid using them.

Speaking of effects, you can try some very simple things to make the baby picture fascinating and unique. Instead of using the baby as the main focus, you can instead pay more attention to the toys, foods, blankets, and etc that make up the baby’s everyday life.

Another interesting thing hat can be done is taking a photo of the baby while they are doing one of the many strange poses or facial expressions that they are famous for. Or bring in the use of mirrors and blurred backgrounds, both of which work very well in highlighting a baby’s possible worldview.

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