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A Few Hints On Health And Longevity

A normal usage associated with the word longevity might be, ‘The longevity of the people is quite amazing.’ Usually the word has a positive connotation, associated with the idea of a long lasting and beneficial life span. Being an abstract noun it refers to a quality of life rather than a specific age or condition.

Any person who lives longer than normal must, in the first place, be fortunate not to have met with a fatal accident in the course of more than eighty years. In the second place, he or she must possess some power of coping well with the aging process. This process affects everyone, and need not necessarily be a bad thing. For example, in the case of meat and drink, the aging process is thought to improve the product endlessly. An ideal would be that longevity should always affect human beings for the better.

Unfortunately, age is often accompanied by illnesses and disabilities which obscure positive advantages such as wisdom, experience and perspicacity. The faculties of hearing and sight also deteriorate, facing the aging person with challenges and problems that compound difficulties. If such conditions could be reduced or eliminated the connotations of the word, ‘longevity’ would be even more positive.

Anti-aging solutions might be found in bone marrow. The enviable chubbiness and elasticity of infants can be put down to the fact that most of their bone marrow is red and not yellow. This decreases and is replaced by yellow bone marrow as a person ages. At advanced ages there will naturally be less red blood marrow and more of the yellow kind. Not only does this increase the possibility of diseases like cancer, but it also means that a person will have less energy and flexibility.

Red bone marrow produces red blood cells and stem cells which can become the sort of cells that the body needs, on demand. Stem cells research seeks continually to develop knowledge to the point where their qualities can be unleashed to rejuvenate those parts of the body that are deteriorating. Because of the unknown consequences of possibly finding the secret to eternal life, legislation restricts and controls stem cell research. The possibility of immortality for everyone is indeed the stuff of science fiction.

A high degree of healthy longevity may, for the present, be attained by less drastic and invasive techniques. These may be found in nutrition and food supplementation.

What may be termed the ‘Vanity Industry’ may be thanked for many of the products that are available in pharmacies or online. People like to retain the attractive qualities of youth such as smooth unblemished skin and shining eyes. Because there is a market for products that promote longevity there is research into the beneficial qualities of many old herbs and products

Garlic and ginseng have been known for many centuries but modern research informs more exactly on the constituents of such herbs, and how they can be processed for maximum benefits. Blue-green algae exists very widely in nature, but modern research informs how it may be collected and used, not only to improve appearance but also assist in detoxification and rejuvenation.

It is unlikely that the very best supplements and well trained stem cells will fully restore the magic of a sixteen year old in the body of her fifty year old aunt. But there is one way in which the older person may be superior. If the aunt maintains her intellectual vigor she may well have a large lead on her niece. Experience, wisdom and a kindly outlook, stimulated by keen intellectual activity may give her a beautiful mind that will be the envy of all her nieces, as it is said was Jane Austen’s.

Finding and using tips on slowing down the aging process is of interest to most adults. You can learn how to increase the production of stem cells in your body safely and effectively.. This article, A Few Hints On Health And Longevity is available for free reprint.