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A Beginners Guide To Keeping A Clean And Healthy Freshwater Aquarium

Keeping the aquarium clean will ensure you some health fish. This means less time to treat them and more time to enjoy them. Taking care of the fish in the aquarium is not an easy task but if you get the hang of it, everything will go really easy. So use the proper equipment to clean the tank and use it well. There are a few tips and tricks that you can learn in order to be a good aquarium owner.

First of all, if you want to clean the tank, don’t use house cleaners. Some of them are really toxic for the fish and plants. So buy some proper cleaners for you tank.

Besides that, always monitor the water level in the tank and the water pump very clean. Also remember to clean the filtration system from time to time so that it doesn’t break. Many times, the life of the aquarium depends on the filtration system. When you choose a filtration system take into consideration the manufacturer, the fish species and the components.

Another important fact in keeping the fish healthy is the cleaning of the ornaments. They should be washed and cleaned with proper cleaners at least twice a month.

The cleaning will stop the algae from growing without a purpose. Another aspect is that the aquariums made of plastic need cleaning more often, sometimes even once a week.

When you do the weekly cleaning make sure you do some things like check the air pump. This is important because it provides the fish with oxygen. If the pump doesn’t work properly, the fish could die.

Change the water as often as possible. Don’t wait for it to turn green. It is not a thing of aesthetics but a matter of health. If you change the water often, the aquarium will look better for sure but the fish will be healthy too. Don’t forget to also clean the rocks and the sand inside the tank. Before you do all this, remove all the fish from the aquarium and put them in a bucket full of water.

You should also buy a water purifier. This will save you some time because you will need to change the water not so often. There are a lot of types, depending on the size of the tank.

And never forget to real all the instructions of the products you buy for your tank. If you have some doubts, ask the sales persons from the pet shop.

Also, don’t forget to keep a strict schedule of the cleaning operations you do.

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