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5 Ways To Save Money On Formal Dresses

With the cost of things rising, the cost of buying a formal dress is not budget friendly. Once you factor in the accessories that go with your formal dress like the sandal, jewelry and the hairstyle that comes with it, you might be surprised on your total cost.

If you’re on a tight budget, it’s still easy to achieve the look you want and look like you spent a million dollars on your formal dress. The following are five easy ways you can save money when buying a formal dress:

1.) Do your shopping early!

Waiting until a week (or later) before you need your dress will send you spinning as you try to find the best dress for you. If you shop early, you’ll be able to find better deals and more options since all of the formal dresses haven’t been bought already. This way, you may find a dress you want and already have shoes and accessories you want to wear with it, saving you money since you don’t have to buy new accessories.

2.) Consider buying a 2nd hand gown

If you have any friends or family that has formal dresses, consider borrowing one from them. Usually all you’ll have to pay for is the dry cleaning bill. If the person you’re borrowing from says that it alright, you could perhaps even have it alternated to specifically fit you.

3.) Have alterations done

If you’ve bought a dress or borrowed from a friend, sometimes you find out that it doesn’t quite fit you. You can always do a modification that can suit you. If you find a dress that you like but it may not fit you, get a size much bigger. You can then, alter the size to fit you.

4.) Visit budget friendly stores

Budget friendly stores have a wide variety of dresses and they come with a cheap price. Don’t hesitate to buy. Don’t forget you can always have them modified to fit your like.

5.) Make Your Own Dress

Even if you think you do not have the talent to make your own dress, it can still be achieved. You just need to find out someone who knows how to make. It can be made on your own qualifications and standards. It doesn’t cost as much as buying a formal dress from a shop.

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