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5 Simple Ways Your Life Will Be Easier After You Buy From an Online Beauty Store.

It’s an old question — do you buy your cosmetics and skin care products at the drug store, or from a specialty counter in the department store? There are price differences, brand selection, and personal consultation to consider. But what about buying online? Here are 5 reasons why a great online beauty store gives you the best of both worlds.

#5: Paid Salespeople.

You won’t find an online store with a costly sales force. At the very most, they’re probably spending some money on a few Google ads, and maybe some search engine optimization. That’s nothing compared to the amount of money that the department store spends on its salespersons, who depend on you buying a lot of cosmetics to make money.

#4: Packaging and Marketing.

You can really simplify your packaging online. When you don’t have to stand out on a shelf in the same way that you do in the department store — and, increasingly, the drug store — things are cheaper for everyone.

#3: Fighting with the Brand One Shelf Over

Because online stores tend to display all of their products in a similar fashion, you’re able to judge them in a more egalitarian manner. When you don’t have aggressive in-store displays and “merchandisers” screaming in your face, you’re likely to make a better (and more economical) decision when it comes to cosmetics.

#2: The Whole Drugstore/Department Store Thing is Useless.

In the ‘offline’ world, there’s still a strong separation between the drug and department stores — one has the boutique cosmetics, the other has the cheaper brands and no consultation. But online, this division disappears. Sure, you don’t get to have the cosmetics applied to your face directly by a helpful salesperson, but your choice and savings are through the roof.

#1: Prices are Simply Lower.

Without all the aforementioned costs of a department store, or the in-store retail space of a drug store, any online beauty store worth its salt is going to pass on its low prices to the consumer. That’s the real advantage in all of this — prices are simply better online, and there’s no getting around it.

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